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Ever wondered how numbers can predict life events that are going to happen in the future? Does it fascinate you to think about how Astrologers get to know about the predictions, how they tell someone which career they should choose, and in which direction an object should be placed according to the Vastu Shastra? If you also want to learn Vedic Astrology Online in Hindi by our expert Jyotish Acharya in Delhi and understand how to read the Horoscope, Numerology, Palmistry & Vastu Shastra then enroll now for proper training and guidance.

Learn Vedic Astrology

In today's era, most people have faith in Vedic astrology because they are all very keen to know about their future, those who do not even trust Astrology, want to know something about their life. Many people try to learn Vedic astrology themselves and also to understand the science of Astrology so that they can know about the challenges they will face in the future, they want to understand their own personality and also about the causes & solutions to their discomfort.         


Many people research to find out what this para-science Astrology is, how the planetary movement can make astrologers understand the past and the future, and how to learn Vedic Astrology Online. People put their efforts into learning and understanding Vedic Astrology but it is a Divine Power, that can only be gained through deep learning.    Make Appointment          

Nowadays, everyone wants to learn Astrology but most of them eventually give up very soon as to learn this astronomical science you need divine blessings. As correctly said by Rishi Parashara to his disciple Maitreya,

It’s not like a Sweet Dish which shall be poured into everyone’s Cup

If you also want to learn Online Vedic Astrology Online in Delhi and understand Astrological science then contact us and we will do our best to teach you through our knowledge and experience so that you can improve your understanding of Astrology. We will guide you properly and tell you about the importance of planets and stars in Astrology.

Our Course of Vedic Astrology is for one year with a six-month basic and six-month advanced course, and even after the course, you can join us for your practice so that you can understand your shortcomings and obstacles even further. The syllabus is also given below which is divided into two parts.

Learn Horoscope Reading

Basic Course For 6 Month(s) ( Fees: Rs. 12000/-)

- What is a Horoscope? (कुंडली क्या है?)

- Construction of Chart (कुंडली कैसे बनती है।)

- What is Moon sign (Birth Sign) (चंद्रमा क्या है और जन्म राशि।)

- Nakshatra (नक्षत्र)

- Planets (ग्रह)

- P.A.C.E. Method(Position, Aspect, Conjunction, Exchange)

- Exaltation, Mool Trikona, Own Sign, Debilitation (उच्च, नीच, स्वराशि)

- Zodiac Signs (राशियां)

- Houses in Horoscope (कुंडली के भाव)

- Lagan (Ascendant) (लग्न का महत्व)

- Transit of Planets (ग्रहों का गोचर)

- Manglik Dosha and Other Doshas (मांगलिक योग/दोष)

- Results of Planets in Various Signs (ग्रह का राशियों मे फल)

- Results of Planets in Various Houses (ग्रह का भावों मे फल)

- Results of birth in Various Nakshatra (जन्म नक्षत्र)

- Results of birth in Various Ascendants (प्रत्येक लग्न का महत्व)

- Mahadasa & Antar Dasha (Main & Sub Periods) (महादशा)

- 16 Divisional chart (16 वर्ग)

- Panchang (पंचाग/महूर्त)

Advance Course For 6 Month(s) (Fees: Rs. 14000/-)

Learn Astrology Yoga योगो का महत्व

- Ascendant as a Factor (लग्न से बनने वाले योग)

- Lord of Ascendant as a Factor (लग्नेश से बनने वाले योग)

- Sun as a Factor (सूर्य से बनने वाले योग)

- Moon as a Factor (चंद्रमा से बनने वाले योग)

- Special Yoga (खास योग)

- House Positions (भावों की स्थिति)

- Lord of First to Twelfth Houses (स्वामियों का भावो मे फल)

- Retrograde & Combust Planets (वक्री और अस्त ग्रह)

- Kendra-Trikona Yoga (केंद्र-त्रिकोण योग)

- Naabhas Yoga (नाभस योग)

Learn Astrology Dosha – Negative combinations of Planets

- Manglik Dosha

- Other Doshas

Conjunctions of Planets and its effects ग्रहों की युतियां

- 2 Planets Conjunctions

- 3 Planets Conjunctions

- 4 Planets Conjunctions

- 5 Planets Conjunctions

- 6 Planets Conjunctions

- 7 Planets Conjunctions

Planetary Aspect Interpretation फलित  Remedies 


Learn Numerology

Learn about the magic of numbers, and how numbers tell about someone's destiny. Study Numerology to understand the energy of the Numbers and learn about yourself and your loved ones. For more details about our Numerology syllabus, visit the Numerology Course.

All course materials are provided in the class and exams and assignments are conducted to help students the concepts discussed in the syllabus. The certificate will be provided after the Exam.

Pythagorean Numerology, Chaldean Numerology, Vedic Numerology, Loshu Numerology, Name Change Remedies      

Duration: 3 Month(s)
Fees: Rs. 8,000/-

Learn Palmistry

Shapes of Hand  Lins in Hand  Mountains in Hand  Marks/Sign in Hand  Disease in Hand  

The Art of Reading Palm predicts the nature, behavior, present, and future aspects of a person. Palmistry has a distinctive advantage as many times birth details are not available to the person & without using any tool, prediction can be done to provide solutions/remedies to the person. Lines on a person’s Palm keep on changing, clearly depicting the changing phases in a person’s life cycle from Birth to Life.

We at Raghauv Astrology provide 3 months of extensive Online/Offline courses in Palmistry. You can learn Palmistry for a good earning by becoming a professional Palm reader or grab attention at a party, meeting, or get-together through the art of hand reading.
Duration : 3 Month(s)
Fees: Rs. 8000/-

Learn Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient science balancing the 5 aspects of any architecture so that there is positive energy in the building and the same transforms to the person living/using that building. Balancing these 5 elements is the main key to learning Vaastu and a person who learns it effectively can solve all the issues related to Vaastu, moreover, each of our life events is interrelated to these 5 elements, and balancing these 5 elements means that your life is balanced.
Benefits of Learning Vaastu:  Course- 5 Elements   Directions  Compass   45 Vaastu Devta  Home Vaastu  Entrance Remedeis 
  • It can be learned for oneself to balance the energies in your own house or business establishments as learning Vaastu is way cheaper than the professional visit of a Vaastu expert.
  • It can provide a good source of second income as a side business to professionals, housewives & even retired individuals and you will not have to depend on anyone.
  •  It’s a very good earning profession wherein you can be your boss and provide your services to individually owned houses, housing societies, factories, offices, and many more.
  • Vaastu Courses offered at Raghauv Astrology: We at Raghauv Astrology offer 3 modules in Vaastu Learnings for different sets of individuals as mentioned below.
You can also order exclusive reports for a year for any of the fields such as Career/BusinessLove/Married LifeHealthEducationTransitions, or Remedies.
Basic/Beginner’s Course :

            (Duration – 2 Months, Fees – Rs. 8000/-)
Advanced Course in Vaastu :

            (Duration 4 Months, Fees – Rs. 12000-)
Professional Course in Vaastu :

            (Duration 6 months, Fees – Rs. 15000/-)
This course is for a person who intends to learn Vaastu to balance the energies in his house/business establishments and make the corrections/adjustments to lead a blissful life and have a profitable business. This course is for a person who intends to take up Vaastu as a second source of income, housewives who intend to have a self-income by providing Vaastu services & retired professionals who don’t want to be dependent on anyone for income. This course is for an individual who wants to take up Vaastu as his main source of income wherein all the minute details of Vaastu shall be taught so that the individual can provide seamless service to their clients.

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