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Planets Mahadasha

Mahadasha Periods of Planets

Result of Jupiter Mahadasa (16 years)

Jupiter Mahadasa- Jupiter represents wealth, gold, happiness in marriage life and spirituality. When Jupiter is benefic in the chart, it gives rise and prosperity in life. Children would good perform. Native will get success in teaching, banking, professor, educational, finance, jewelers business, marriage counselor, loan processing, psychologist, counselor, spiritual guru, politicians, administrative and other business.

Jupiter Anterdasa in Jupiter Mahadasa – Person get benefit from wealth, vehicles and physicals comforts, name and fame, the blessing from the guru, spiritual travels and religious activities, marriage, children happiness, wisdom, and knowledge. If affliction, separation from wife and children, the problem in liver, loss of wealth and defame.        

 Saturn Anterdasha in Jupiter Mahadasa- Person gets benefits from loan, land, wealth, benefits from shudras, gain in professional status, success, lawyer, justice, fruitful dream and hard work. If affliction, the problem in profession, health issue, defame from society and loss of wealth.               

Mercury Anterdasha in Jupiter Mahadasa- Time of good knowledge and learning power, intellect and wisdom, name and fame by intelligence, praise from the boss, good education and get the good result, good position in professional and social, good relations and peace at home. If afflicted, work hard but not get sufficient result in exam, skin problem, lack of memory and problem in mind.       

Ketu Anterdasha in Jupiter MahadasaTime is good for spiritual, religious travels, hurdles, and confusion in professional life, health issues, mental distress and waste of travels, the difference in relationship and expenditure.        

Venus Anterdasha in Jupiter Mahadasa- In this dasha native do many efforts, interest in music and songs, increase peace and affection in marriage life, wealth and prosperity, comforts of clothes and vehicle, towards the heights of knowledge and luxurious comforts.       

Sun Anterdasha in Jupiter Mahadasa- In this time gain of wealth and status, success in education, get good position, name, and fame, heights in the profession, promotion, knowledge and wisdom, status, happiness in family and relationship. If malefic, nervous problems, body aches, fever, lack of peace and headache.           

Moon Anterdasha in Jupiter Mahadasa- In this period, comforts from wife and children, good income from dairy food products, growth in professional status, support from society, comforts, luxuries and pleasure, beautiful time of life, happiness with children and spouse and spiritual travels. If malefic, distance in the relationship, loss of wealth and health, distress, physical pain and the problem with the mother.        

Mars Anterdasha in Jupiter Mahadasa- In this time, increase knowledge and learning power, profit from land and happiness in the home, marriage and good relation with brother and sister, dominant personality, respect and fame from society, face disputes and arguments. If malefic, eye problem, fever, lack of physical and mental peace, loss of wealth and property

Rahu Anterdasha in Jupiter Mahadasa- Person faces lots of confusions and hurdles in life, egoistic leadership, unreasonable quarrels, and conflicts with family, downfall in career and financial structure. Expenditure, fear from medicine and infection of medicine, physical distress, headache and problem in the liver.

                                          Result of Saturn Mahadasa (19 years)

Saturn Mahadasa- Saturn represents Karma, truth, hard work ambitions and longevity. Saturn rules worker, old age, handicapped, joints, long disease, and neuron system. Many spiritual leaders arise during Saturn Mahadasa. Saturn gives results according to native’s karma, native become a modest and strong after tough process. In this period native will face many fluctuations and instability in their life, peace and satisfaction come end of the dasha. Distances and disputes are increasing in the relationship, native feel alone in life. Obstacles and hurdles come in the path of profession and fame. But good placement gives strong willpower and strengths to fight of all difficulties in life and get fame, major corporations, high position in career and social support etc.                  

Saturn Anterdasa in Saturn Mahadasa- In this period, Struggle, rise in status, high position, leadership, gain in the land, benefits to wife and progeny and social support. If malefic, face lots of obstacles in the personal life and professional life. Increase mental distress, loss things or thievery, downfall in income. Detachment in the relationship, conflicts with parents and siblings, aggression, jealousy, quarrels and gastric problems would arise in this period.       

Mercury Anterdasa in Saturn Mahadasa- Person get name and fame, mental and physical comforts, gain in business, charitable nature, attain the strength of intellect to learned and handle difficulties. Get some achievements and rewards in the professional area and Involve in social work and help needy.   

Ketu Anterdasa in Saturn Mahadasa- Native go for foreign travels, religious inclinations, increase income but expenditure also arises, negative results make the weaker from inside, lack of peace and happiness, conflicts and unhappiness with family and interest in spiritual.      

Venus Anterdasa in Saturn Mahadasa- Native inclined in the positive direction, happiness in marriage life, spend time with loved ones, enjoy luxuries and comforts activities and the positive result from professional. If malefic, eye trouble, loss fame, fevers, detachments with spouse and heart disease. 

Sun Anterdasa in Saturn Mahadasa- Person face obstacles in professional, conflicts with father, detachment with family, defame in society, illegal allegation, the problem with government, pain, and conflicts with enemies, mental distress, fever, headache and heart problems. 

Moon Anterdasa in Saturn Mahadasa- In this period ill effects in life, restlessness, depressions, detachments and distances in relations, mentally tensions, the obstacle in career, weak mind, feelings alone, increase enemies, loss of wealth, if want peace in life native should be inclined towards spiritual activities.  

Mars Anterdasa in Saturn Mahadasa- In this period has highly aggression, domination, authority, and conflicts with family, disputes, and separation with the spouse, physical problem, skin allergies, towards many quarrels and wound from enemies, loss in professional, accidents and alert in new work or job.  

Rahu Anterdasa in Saturn Mahadasa-  Native will Unreasonable, conflicts, doubt, face obstacle and hard work, distress and mentally tensions, lack of support, downfall in career, loss of position, foreign travels and aggression with enemies.   

Jupiter Anterdasa in Saturn Mahadasa- Person is strength and intelligence, the power of fight with enemies, increase knowledge, happiness at home and family, feel peace in the professional area, inclines towards spiritual and peace in mind.

                                      Result of Mercury Mahadasa (17 years)

Mercury Mahadasa- In the time of period Mercury Mahadasa effects of our intelligence, creativity, management skill, communications, speech, writing, promotion at work, gain profit, fond of love, good idea, interest in the politician, accountant, anchor, trader, dealer, banker, and teacher. Strong and favorable time of studies, diplomacy, commerce, Feel comfortable, peace with friends and family. If mercury is weak and afflicted native may suffer from the nervous system, skin problem, lack of mind, weak concentration, and weak memory power and defame.

Mercury Anterdasa in Mercury Mahadasa-In this period increase and gain from the intellectual mind, good learning power, concentrate in education, achievements, creativity, debater, good in calculation and communication, accountancy, banking, comfort from family and relationship. If malefic, mentally problem, lack of concentration, the problem in the nervous system and lack of memory.

Ketu Anterdasa in Mercury Mahadasa- Person has the airy mind, difficulties and hurdles, confusion, and misunderstanding, lack of decision power, affect in professional and financial structure, waste of expenditure, lack of concentration and fond of languages. If malefic, unwanted fear, mentally tensions, high and airy thoughts.

Venus Anterdasa in Mercury Mahadasa- Native get help from friends and employer, gain of wealth, profit in business, good position in human life, good time and gain in professional from an intellectual mind, feel romantic, spend time with loved ones, fond of creativity, music, songs, fragrance, and artistic. If malefic, distance in the relationship, defame from female, headache, fever, and stress.   

Sun Anterdasa in Mercury Mahadasa- Native has good knowledge, learning power, government job, and post. Comfort and peace at home, happiness in the relationship, inclined to the spiritual area, help from society, the job in banking, teacher, administrative, accountant, lawyer and other higher status. If malefic, heart disease, skin problem, mentally tensions and separation.       

Moon Anterdasa in Mercury Mahadasa- Native get happiness from spouse and children, inclined towards music, songs, art, Fond of creativity and beauty. Happiness at home with family but some physical distress due to mental tensions. Native would work hard for getting success. If malefic, increase mentally distress, lack of concentration, airy thoughts, and difficulties in the profession.        

Mars Anterdasa in Mercury Mahadasa- Native is aggressive and argumentative, comforts from vehicles and home, happiness with family at home, control difficulties with an intellectual mind, Disturb mind from enemies and opposition. If malefic, Expenditure, gastric problems, skin allergies, eye problems and blood problems.       

Rahu Anterdasa in Mercury Mahadasa- Native get respect from others, fear from the bath, confusion mind, inclined towards religious, face some problems in profession and partners, hard work, the misunderstanding with spouse, distress, depression, and hurdles in the path of success.

Jupiter Anterdasa in Mercury Mahadasa- Native get happiness with children and spouse, devotion to God and guru, travels in religious places, charitable, increase learning power, good result in education, strength and understanding in mind, good post in banking, teaching, astrology, lawyer, debater, researcher and position in workplace.      

Saturn Anterdasa in Mercury Mahadasa- In this dasha Native face hurdles and hardness in life, work hard, the person becomes strong from insight and walking over the spiritual path. Harm in professional and financial structure. If malefic gastric problems, body ache, and unreasonable distress.    

                                   Result of Ketu Mahadasa (7 years)

Ketu Mahadasa- Native devotes time and energy to philosophy, worships, the practice of Ayurvedic line enjoys in home and luxuries comforts, spiritual travels and inner strength involvement in spiritually. Turns interested in yoga, meditation, more religious, detachment, interest in occult knowledge and languages, Tantra and Mantra knowledge. Sometimes give unwanted fear, confusion, and pain in legs, stomach problem, mental tensions, accidents, and fear of poison and weapon.

Ketu Anterdasa in Ketu Mahadasa- Dasha gives inner strength, spiritual life, religious travels, detachment, professionally travels, and airy mind, and change job, confusions in mind, unreasonable fear, and distance in the relationship.        

Venus Anterdasa in Ketu Mahadasa- Native face hurdles in the professional area, conflicts with family and friends, separation with the spouse, negativity and sensitive mind, eye trouble, need sympathy from dear ones and instability.    

Sun Anterdasa in Ketu Mahadasa- Native face problem and difficulties in all over the area in life, problems with seniors in workplace and hurdles in the promotion, lack of support in the profession, high aggression and lack of decision power.   

Moon Anterdasa in Ketu Mahadasa- Ketu and Moon, both planets let the influence of Grahen on native life. Ketu reduces the benefic effects of Moon, distress, depression, excess and unwanted thoughts, unwanted fear, anxiety, dissatisfaction, detachment, need someone special and misery.           

Mars Anterdasa in Ketu Mahadasa- Life has unreasonable quarrels, aggressive, physical and mental pain, negativity around in the air of person, hurdles in profession, straightforward thoughts and language, increase risking power, courage, fear of accidents, infection of medicine, allergies and defeat enemies.       

Rahu Anterdasa in Ketu Mahadasa- Sudden gain in wealth if well placed, not good for health and mind, Lack of peace, distress, confusions, stomach problems, lack of happiness, chest problem, unwanted thoughts, strong willpower and defeat enemies.  

Jupiter Anterdasa in Ketu Mahadasa- Time is good for spiritual, religious travels, foreign travels, much hurdles and confusion in professional life, expenditure in religious places, lack of concentration in education and confusion in married life.  

Saturn Anterdasa in Ketu Mahadasa- Time is obstacle in professional area, detachment, face difficulties in the relationship, extra expenditure, distress mind, restlessness, physically and mentally distress, laziness, harmful journey and loss of the relationship.     

Mercury Anterdasa in Ketu Mahadasa- Time is lack of concentration, unwanted expenditure, unwanted thoughts, without thinking languages, mind in travels, religious mind, and hurdles in life but positive approach.     

                                    Result of Venus Mahadasa (20 years)

Venus Mahadasa- Venus is benefit and the soft planet, Venus represents marriage, love, arts, music, creativity, perfume, luxury life, media, entertainment, cheeks, beauty and internal sexual organs. When Venus is benefic in the chart then the native can enjoy luxury life, increase wealth and popularity, shine in a movie, dance, jewelry, art industry and media business. Venus has the power to attract in opposite sex and give Royal status, vehicles, good clothes, good home, and gains from all sectors.

Venus Anterdasa in Venus Mahadasa- Person get gain in wealth, new clothes, decorate or renovate home, good vehicles, perfumes, meet someone special (opposite sex), growth in professional, financial gains, get respect and fame from society, happiness in relationship, happy marriage life, goodness and pleasure with friends and family.

Sun Anterdasa in Venus Mahadasa- Person get little gain of wealth, affecting eyes, dry cheeks, disputes in family and other relationships, need work hard for the better result, trouble from enemies and oppositions, lack of support, problem in eyes, head, stomach, heart, and fame in the government sector.

Moon Anterdasa in Venus Mahadasa-Person has to take interest in songs, music, flowers, perfume, art and beautiful things. Both planets are soft so negative and positive results depends on the chart. The obstacle in the workplace, distress in the family, takes interest in the spiritual area and walk on the right path.

Mars Anterdasa in Venus Mahadasa- In this time Trouble in blood, profit from land, profit from copper and gold business, sexual desires, the charm of female, attract ornaments, clothes, and luxurious things, aggressive and want revenge, hurdles in work, fever, cold, blood infection and acidity.

Rahu Anterdasa in Venus Mahadasa- Good news from children and relatives, injury from fire and poison, infection from medicine, losses of enemies, negativity, and hurdles in life. Loss of position and wealth, bitterness, and misunderstandings in the relationship.

Jupiter Anterdasa in Venus Mahadasa- The time of high respect in professional, comforts and happiness in the home, take interest in spiritual activities, fame, and respect from social area. Increase knowledge and learning power, enjoying the company of spouse and children and increase position.

Saturn Anterdasa in Venus Mahadasa- The time is bodily disease, disputes in marriage life, religious inclination, some obstacle in the professional and social area, good comfort and luxuries at home, extra hard work and expenditure.

Mercury Anterdasa in Venus Mahadasa- Native will spending pleasure time with children, will have happiness on a large scale, defeat enemies and fame from society, take interest and win competitions in creativity, writer, debate, poetry, art, Satisfied with family and friends and sincere towards relationships.

Ketu Anterdasa in Venus Mahadasa- The time is bitterness and distance in the relationship, lack of peace, the obstacle at work, loss of position, unwanted travels, cheated from enemies, harmful infection from medicines and disturbance in mind.     

                                                                 Moon Mahadasa 10 years

Moon Mahadasa- Moon represents beauty, purity, wisdom, charm, softness, fantasy, emotions, art, love, lovely things, wealth, mind, status, childbirth, clothes, auspicious events at home, prosperity, name, mental peace, support of mother and silver. These periods bestow natives with artistic attributes and believed to be a creative person. The person influenced by the presence of fantasies and dreams. Moon is also bringing of mental weakness, unstable mind, depression, laziness, decrease wealth and makes aggressive when the moon is in malefic influence. Moon leads the person towards the spiritual and good knowledge.

Moon Anterdasa in Moon Mahadasa- It is good period of native, it is a time of progress, a new child born, comfort and good clothes, meet with someone special, enjoy with Women Company, prosperity, life blend of positive and negative arrivals in life path, weakness and instability. The native gets respect, fame, in social life, highly attract towards art, creativity, music, poetry and spiritual traveling.

Mars Anterdasa in Moon Mahadasa- It period brings some of difficulties and hurdles in native’s path. Some loss of wealth, keep on growing professionally, hard work, problems with the relationship, tension in the family, suffer from the disease, suffer from stomach, the impurity of blood, anxiety, trouble from enemies, distance from native’ s place and conflicts with the mother.

Rahu Antardasa in Moon Mahadasa- In this period, unfounded fears, mental trouble, lack of peace, infection from wrong medicine, illness, fever, bad food and drink, down financial status, mental distress, hurdles in business, lack of support from all sides, and fear from thieves.

Jupiter Antardasa in Moon Mahadasa- The person concerned great delight in beneficial action, feel happy, buy clothes, ornaments, spend time with friends, spiritual travels and increase wealth, bless with much of goodness and happiness, Good learning time, gain knowledge, choose subjects with own choice and get good results of efforts.

Saturn Antardasa in Moon Mahadasa- This period would bring some hurdles and difficulties in life, obstacle, delay, distress, Harsh and argumentative voice, Insult and defame in the social area, Distress from maternal health and relationship, mentally tensions and towards addicted things.

Mercury Antardasa in Moon Mahadasa- This dasha bring the growth of income, finance, career, comforts things, good communication, win the debate, take decisions with intellectual, good knowledge, success, happiness and comfort, stable thoughts and the good result in education.

Ketu Antardasa in Moon Mahadasa-In this period lots of travels, loss of mental balance, wealth, and relationships and danger from water, loss of mental peace, unwanted fear, conflicts in the family, loss of wealth, enemies create an obstacle, tensions, and quarrels. It would be the tough time but not be called bad times.

Venus Antardasa in Moon Mahadasa- The native would get all the comforts and luxuries of wealth. Unexpected gain, growth in wealth, spend time with loved ones, enjoy of pleasure, get good and lovable life partners, travel in choice able place, take interest in poetry, art, creative, jewelry, music, songs and cosmetic items.

Sun Antardasa in Moon Mahadasa- This period of goodness and happiness, this period make balance in life. Increase position, the reward from the government, growth in the social and professional area, enemies would not able harm them and increase ego and try to dominate.

                                     Result of Rahu Mahadasa 18 year

Rahu Mahadasa- Rahu is a shadow planet in our astrological life; the native would be full of energy, native stand on its feet with self-efforts and has the capacity to take quick decisions. Rahu is the planet of imagination and confusion so in dasha native face lots of confusions in the career. Sometimes due to overconfidence, native take wrong decisions in the job, career, and even marriage. The native face lack of mental peace and health problems due to own actions. Religious inclination, fear due to weapons, poison, infections, mentally distress, and loss their self-respect and position.

Rahu Antardasa in Rahu Mahadasa-   Get sudden job and profit in business, happiness, spiritual journey, foreign travels, strong willpower, courage and power of defeat enemies. If Rahu is in malefic influence, hurdles and difficulties in life, confusion in career, change job and business, losses and failure, avoid major decisions, lack of decision power, mentally tensions, and lack of peace and unhappiness feel in the home.  

Jupiter Antardasa in Rahu Mahadasa- Name and fame in status, spiritual travels, defeat enemies, childbirth, marriage in other castes, return in the native country, improvement in health, promotion in job, positive growth in the relations. If malefic, ill health spouse, separation of the spouse, litigation and legal problems, downfall in wealth and professional.  

Saturn Antardasa in Rahu Mahadasa- This time brings negativity and problems in life, Creates hurdles in the profession, loss of position and downfall in financial, defame from society, some clashes with the government, Distance in the relationship, heart problems, and accidents and Separation of the spouse.    

Mercury Antardasa in Rahu Mahadasa- Time is good for the career, promotion in job and improvement in business, happiness in marriage life, the comfort of the vehicle, good for education, take the decision with an intellectual mind, improve health, Improve relations and increase financial status.             

Ketu Antardasa in Rahu Mahadasa- This time is not good for health and mind, the disease is not recognized in this period, loss of wealth, problems in relationships, face hurdles in career, defame detachment with family and suffer from fever. Native should far away from the weapon, fire, poison, and infection. 

Venus Antardasa in Rahu Mahadasa- Time is fighting with difficulty, hurdles, betterment in marriage life, purchase the vehicle, promotion, comfort with luxuries and come out of problems with work hard.       

Sun Antardasa in Rahu Mahadasa- Time is tensioning in job or transfer, health and mental issues, name and fame, foreign travels, strong and take the risky step for success, support from the government, fulfillment their ambitions and almost period of growth but have some obstacle.    

Moon Antardasa in Rahu Mahadasa- Time is restlessness and anxiety, mental tensions, confusions, depressions, disputes with close ones, lack of support in the professional, try towards success but face many difficulties in life.   

Mars Antardasa in Rahu Mahadasa- Native get loss through legal issues, anxiety and aggression, accidents, loss of money and status, disputes with wife and other family members, negativity and hurdles, hard work and efforts increase but not get good results. 


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