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Education Reading - Education is the backbone in the life of a human being, which gives them earning opportunities to lead a prosperous life. Without proper education a person does not get the respect he/she desires from society and he/she doesn't get the desired life partner in their life as everyone wants a life partner who is well educated.

Getting the right education is also very important for a person's life, sometimes due to lack of knowledge a person gets higher education in a field which is not interesting enough for him, and when he starts his/her career in that field, he/she does not enjoy the work they do and not able to perform as per expectations. Here the services of a good astrologer become very crucial, who can guide you on the right career path by taking the right higher education as per your Horoscope.


Education Reading is an art which is mastered by a good and experienced astrologer, by analyzing your horoscope or birth chart an experienced astrologer will be able to give you different options of career, which are best suited to you and based on the same, the type of higher education you should take in your life which shall make you successful. In the education reading report, our astrologer will provide the detailed phases of your education time wherein major transit of planets shall take place and how it will impact on your education, we shall also provide you with the remedies to calm the impact of the transition of planets. Often we wonder during the elementary education that our child is not interested in studies and their performance is below par and we all know that this is the foundation period for any education so this education report of your child will guide you the traits of your child-related to education and we shall provide the solution with the help of simple remedies which shall make your child take full interest in education and he does not miss this golden period.

We all face difficulty in deciding, which stream of education to take after completing the 10th, through this report we shall make this tough decision very simple by giving you the best-suited options to choose from. Through this Education Report, we shall pre-inform you the status of your education phase, whether it will be smooth or will there be any break in your education due to any reason like financial issues or health issues, we shall provide you with simple remedies which shall make it a smooth journey.

We at Raghauv Astrology will provide Education reading reports, which will give you a complete insight of your/your child's education at a very nominal charge of only Rs. 1100/-.  You can also ask us any queries regarding your education at a very nominal charge of Rs. 250/- only and we shall provide the answer to your complete satisfaction. We assure you that the results are going to give you a pleasant surprise.

A complete insight into your Child’s Education Path will include the following and we can also customize this report as per your desired questions/queries.

  • We shall provide you best-suited field where your child will face success in his/her career.
  • We shall provide the impact of planetary transition on your child’s education and ways to overcome the same.
  • We shall provide the education profile of your child wherein you will get remedies to the different challenges being faced by your child during studying i.e. impact of health on studying etc.
  • Suggestions for your child’s education in some international universities or any good Indian university.
  • Suggestions on whether he/she may get a career in the same field of education or any different field.

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