Life Reading On Transit
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Life Reading On Transit

When a planet transit from one sign to another sign and affects a natal chart with good and bad results of an individual You may grow up as well as you may suffer from problems at the time of transit of a planet. An astrologer can read your life in a proper way with the analysis of horoscope.

You may improve your 'karma' and have a peaceful and comfortable life. We provide life reading reports based on the transit of different planets in different houses. Reports are available on nominal charges.

A complete and detailed reading report of a horoscope with the results and effects of planets in particular houses.

Raghauv astrology provides these reports with solutions and remedies in very nominal charges.

We shall give you a complete picture of your life path in this report which shall include the following:

  • We shall provide all the transition with dates and influence of the same on your life.
  • We shall provide you the impact of the slow movement of transit planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu from Moon & ascendant.
  • We shall guide you through the remedies for the impact of the transition of planets which might have an impact on your Career, Health, Relationship, education & your complete well-being.
  • We shall provide you the conjunction and aspects of Natal &Transit planets.
  • We shall provide the Dasha’s running as per your Natal Chart and the predictions as per the same.
  • Shall provide you the period of Saturn Sade Saati/Dhiyaa/Ashtam Shani
  • Shall guide you regarding the suitable Gem Stones for success and health.

- For One Year: 2100/-
- Two Year or two Profile: 3100/-

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