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Numerology is the magic of Numbers. What is your Prime Number, Destiny number, Talent Number, Heart Number, Event Number, Personality Number, Challenge Number, and Lucky number? What is in your life according to numerology astrology?

What are the numbers that speak about your career life, Health life, Marriage life, Children, and FInancial position?                 

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Online Numerology Reading Service by Date of Birth and Time

Raghauv Astrology provides the best Numerology Astrology Service and Date of Birth Numerology with future predictions in Hindi in Delhi. Our Expert Acharya Mohini Bhardwaj has over 16 years of experience in this field with Jyotish Acharya degree in Vedic Astrology from India’s premier institute, Bharti Vidhya Bhavan.
Contact us for numerology reading service in Hindi by Date of Birth and Time online or offline in Delhi as per your convenience and get your answers related to Numerology Astrology.  

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Name Correction Service

The number we got with our birth is our fate and we cannot change it because all the points have their own special energy and some numbers we get according to our deeds which we call Karmic numbers, due to which we have to face a struggle in life. We cannot change the numbers of our birth because it is a gift of nature but we can keep our name as we wish because just as birth numbers are characterized, similarly entire universe knows our Name, whose energy has full effect on us. Whatever deficiency is there in our birth numbers, we can try to fulfill that deficiency by our name, which we call Destiny Number.
You can also make a correction in your name and balance your birth number by name. The number is lacking in your birth number, by balancing the same number in your name, we can make your life easier.

Charges for Name Correction & deriving the suitable Name for your Child according to Birth Details will be Rs.1100/-. You can make the payment through Paytm on Mobile number +919811052930 or through the payment link on our website.

Which mobile number will bring you success or which number associated with your home and vehicle will bring prosperity for you.
Which number is lucky for you and which number has to be given less importance in your life?
Your partner with a particular number who will bring immense love in your life.

Raghauv Astrology provides a report of your life reading based on different numbers affecting your life and in the Hindi Language as well. Reports are available in terms of,
One year: 1200/
Two years: 2500/
Five years: 4500/
You may contact on our helpline: +917701950631      


Numerology Course in Delhi

Like our Vedic astrology course, you can learn numerology astrology online and offline to understand the energy of the Numbers and learn about yourself and your loved ones. Everyone has the right to know about themselves and if you are interested in it, you can also make it your profession. Our course is taught both online and offline. We help you learn Numerology Horoscope by date of birth and time so that you can have practical knowledge of Numerology Astrology.
This will be a 3 months class and two classes will be conducted every week. In this course, we will teach you the importance of numerology based on date of birth or a birth number and name number as to how the energy of these digits is of special importance in our lives.  

Step 1. Pythagorean Numerology with Calculation of Name and Date of Birth
Step 2. Relationship of Numbers with planets, Gems, Days, Directions.
Step 3. Balancing of Numbers, Vastu Directions
Step 4. System of Number, Name of Marriage/Child, Lucky Number for Factory, house, Organization, Partnership, First Letter of Name
Step 5. Yearly Prediction, Good/Bad Years, Life Cycles, Name Change, Case Study/Projects/Exam    
Syllabus:- Basic Fundamentals of Numerology with Description

Numerology Course Description 

Pythagorean Numerology

Vedic Numerology

LoShu Numerology

Destiny Number

Destiny Number

LoShu grid

Talent Number

Talent Number 

Five Elements

Main Number

Vedic grid

Vastu Number

Karmic Number


Lucky Number

Master Number

Lucky Number

Balance Number

Health Number


Less/Excess Number

Personality Number

Name Change

Plane of Numbers

Heart Number

Planets Balancing

Present/Absent Number

Event Number

Chaldean Theory

Name Change

Challenge Number

Cheerio Theory 


Course Fees – 8000/                                                     Duration 3 Months
All course materials are provided in the class and exams and assignments are conducted to help students understand the concepts discussed in the syllabus. The certificate will be provided after the Exam.

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