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Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is the gift of our Sage-Muni’s of India, which is aimed at guiding the person for the future and solving the problems. The work of Astrology teaches to be aware of future events and to fight challenges & remedies are provided as per “Country Time & Person” and planetary positions. 

Raghauv Astrology understands your problem and gives you online service as well as personal meetings to provide solutions to your problems. We shall answer any of your urgent questions within 24 Hours on an urgent basis. Our expert astrologers prepare your life reports as per your Natal Chart and you can choose the kind of report required by you as per the current situation in your life & to find the solution to the same, alternatively, you can also choose a report to get an insight about your future life and prepare yourself for the foreseen tough situation coming up and you can also enjoy the upcoming beautiful phases in your life.

All our sections are in different parts which are made as per your requirement.

  • We shall answer your urgent question on any challenge being faced by you in 24hours.
  • You can get in touch with us online thru Mail/Wats app or alternatively, you can call us and fix an appointment to meet.
  • We shall energize your weak planets with Vedic Remedies/Stones from Vedic Astrology which shall give you the power to fight with your problems and in turn, shall help you in fulfilling your dreams & desires.
  • We can provide you the report on career wherein you can easily choose the career option best suited to you or the solutions to the challenges being faced by you in your work life, which we believe is the biggest concern nowadays.
  • In our Love Life/Marriage section, you can get all answers about your Love/Marriage life, we shall answer all your questions related to Love/Marriage in this report.   
  • Some people have an interest in Astrology, for which they are also aware of the current transit happening, they are also interested to know the impact of upcoming transit in their life, you can choose our Transit Life report to get answers to all your queries regarding Planetary Transit.
  • We can prepare your Natal Chart (Janam Patri) as per your details and you can get all the answers related to your life and we can provide your insight about your future as per the different Dasha Periods.
  • In the Health Report, we shall provide you with your complete Health Life as per your Chart, which shall be helpful to you in taking good care of your or your loved one’s life.
  • As we all are very much concerned about our Child’s education, we shall provide solutions to issues being faced by your child in his/her education which can provide much-needed success to your child.

Our aim is to solve your problem because Astrology tries to show direction through the Dasha’s in a person’s life. Raghauv Astrology does not promise you a miracle, but scientifically, the planetary positions in one’s chart, can show the upcoming phases/challenges and provide remedies to give strength to counter the challenges. You can take advice from our expert astrologers for any current issue being faced by you or know about the upcoming events in your life.

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