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Child Astrology Reading : We all have seen during the birth of a child that doctor gives the exact time of birth to the parents so that parents can get the Janam Kundli / Horoscope prepared for the child. This preparation of Horoscope / Janam Kundli is very important as it provides the exact planetary position at the time of birth of the child. For Child Astrology Reading, an experienced Astrologer shall prepare the Natal Chart to give you complete insight into the life cycle of your child.

Expert Astrologer at Raghauv Astrology shall provide the detailed report of your child regarding his/her Health, Education, Career. We shall provide you the planetray transition taking place during the life cycle of your child and how it will impact the life of your child, this definitely helps in taking precautions during these transitions to minimise the negative impact of these transitions on your child. We shall provide simple remedies to be done by you to calm down the impact of these transitions on your child.

We have witnessed number of times that a successful father wants that their children should also succeed in the same field as them but mostly that does not happens, we have live examples of the same for celebreties in sports & films. This does not happen as Horoscope / Janam Kundli of both Child and father is different , this makes Child Astrology Reading very important aspect as we shall be able to provide you the areas where your child will get success, we shall guide you the upcoming health issue with your child which can be corrected if you know that in advance.


In the Child Astrology Report, we shall provide you with the complete journey of your Child from Birth as per his/her Natal Chart, which shall include the following

  • We shall provide you the best-suited alphabet letter for his/her Name, that shall provide him/her with every success in life.
  • We shall provide you his/her Mental & Physical strengths analysis report that shall be helpful in choosing the right career path for your child.
  • We shall provide you the complete health path of your child over the years.
  • We shall provide you a detailed overview of the education of your child, starting with early years to the highest education.
  • We shall also provide you the best-suited career options (Job/Business) for your child where he/she shall excel in life
  • We shall provide you the complete picture for Wealth, Prosperity & Married life of your Child.
  • We shall analyze the planetary transition phases in the life of your child and provide you with the dates, time, and impact of the same on your child along with the remedies to overcome the same.
  • We shall provide you with the important events/happening in the life of your child with its impact on the well being of your child. Also, it shall provide the remedies to minimize the effect.

Raghauv Astrology shall provide Child Astrology Reading Report of your child at a very Nominal Charges of Rs. 1100/- only which shall cover all the above mentioned points. You can also contact our Expert & Experinced Astrologer Acharya Mohini Bhardwaj for any question related to your Child which shall be answered by her with your full satisfaction at a charge of only Rs. 250/-. We assure full privacy regarding you and your child from our side.


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