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Where there is a will there is a way. Everyone knows that problems in the life of a human being are like a guest without invitation. Where there is a problem in the life of someone, the solution is there too. Expert astrologers are the best advisors for your problems like a doctor and a lawyer. If you are facing some problems and looking for help ‘Raghauv Astrology’ may be the best concern for the solution of your problems. You can share your problems with our experts as an urgent question.

1. Being well educated, hardworking and eligible over all but facing the problem of unemployment and worried about your career. You need astrological help that at what time you will get a job or start up in a business if any.

2. You are a healthy, wealthy, and prosperous personality. You have well settled career in your life. You are facing the problem of delay in your marriage.

3. You are in love with someone and interested to get married with the guy you love most. You are in problem that your parents are not agreed to accepting this relation. Experts from our panel will advise you in a proper way that what you have to do.

4. Someone of your family, near and dear or a friend is suffering from a chronic disease. You are feeling helpless to a long medical process. . You can take help of our experts they will guide you in a proper way if the recovery in disease is possible and when.

5. If your kids are not concentrating in their study.

6.  Your kids are afraid of some invisible facts at the time of sleeping.

7. You are planning to buy a property, land, house or flat. You need help of advice of good time to invest in.

If you are the victim of one of these problems and looking for the solution in a proper way just pick up your phone and dial the following number to put your urgent question with ’Raghauv Astrology’.

Price 500/ for one urgent question and 1100/ for three urgent question.

Which is more suitable for me - Job/Own Work.

Need help/remedies for getting a better job.

When will I be able to get a Government Job?

How should I control frequent losses in my business?

What would be the better time for me to start a new business?

Which career field should I choose for better success in life?

What would be the best time for me to invest in property?

When would my close relative be relieved from a chronic disease?

Will my daughter lead a happy married life?

What would be the right time to get a good match for my Sister/Daughter

Need help in getting my kids to concentrate on their studies.

Is Cricket a better career option for my Son?

Need help/remedies for issues being faced in my Marriage.

Will I get success in settling abroad?

When will I get to travel to some foreign destination?

I need suggestions on GemStone to wear

Want to know Moon Sign as per my Natal Chart


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