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Annual Report

Annual Report- What will the coming new year bring for you, in which the major events of your life will be mentioned, you will be given information about your horoscope, planets along with the transit? In the coming new year, planetary transits are becoming very good, you will also be very eager to know what effect they are going to have on you.

Raghauv Astrology promises to give you all information about you. In our horoscope, Jupiter Saturn Rahu Ketu, the four major planets of this transit play a very important role for all of us, according to these planets and the current condition, your actions, desires, actions, and relationships will be told. Why Worried? Ask a question and get solutions! 

In this report, the year overview and detailed information, development of business/job and finance, relationship framework like love and marriage, fluctuations in family and health, will be given different information of the month of the year. Along with this, you will also be told some precautions, advice, and remedies that will be very useful in your life and how positive your decisions will get in this year.

Vedic astrology is a very divine gift of our sages, Muni, according to which we can get information about our past, future, and present but there is no change in it, but by getting information before time, we can get ready for it and all our Decisions can be taken in time so that our time is not wasted and we can do our work at the right time.

In this report, we shall provide you with the complete overview of the year as per your Natal Chart.

  • We shall provide you the progress of your Career/Business during the year, time suitable for taking important decisions regarding your Career/Business, a good time to invest during the year.

    We shall provide you with the transit position of planets as per your chart & their Retrogression that could impact your life in any way and the remedies required to be done by you to minimize its impact on your life.

    We shall provide you important information related to your Love/Marriage/Children life.

    We shall provide you important information related to your Health and any important dates during the year wherein you need to take special care of your health.

    We shall provide you advice/suggestions during the year which shall be fruitful for your well-being, providing lucky dates of the month for taking important decisions.

- For One Year: 501/-
- Two Year or two Profile: 1100/-

You can also order exclusive reports for a year for any of the fields such as Career/Business, Love/Married Life, Health, Education, Transitions, or Remedies.

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