Horoscope /2024 Predictions

We all know that change is the law of nature because change is seen only by flow. The old times should welcome the new and move forward for important changes. Here we are talking about the departing year 2023 and the New Year 2024. The transit of Mars at the start of the year can bring temerity changes in the country, in which the people of the country can be troubled by sudden fire, quarrels or some such calamities. After May, this year will also be good from an economic point of view. Those who take risks in investing in the share market will get good profits. For those who are interested in land and real estate, this year is going to be beneficial in terms of investment, for those who are related to renovation, there will be hard work for them. Jupiter will transit in Taurus from May, so increase religious travels and work hard with inspiration in education and new rules apply in education. Those who are working hard will get the profit of their hard work as Saturn will also give the desired result of the hard work this year. The position of Saturn in Moolatrikona sign of Aquarius will be of great importance to many, especially in areas related to career, political government and foreign affairs, but try to be careful of ups and downs due to retrograde in career and political affairs from July to November. Political power increases with change and becomes active in taking many major decisions. People will have many new strategies, alliances and new professional affairs will emerge.

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