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Horoscope Reading

HOROSCOPE READING REPORT :  Horoscope Reading is an art to analyze the position of Nine planets in the 12 houses of the Natal Chart of a person. Ever wondered at the time of birth of a child, doctor gives the exact time of birth of the child to the parents as it is most important to know the position of planets at the time of birth which an experienced astrologer uses to provide the events, Dashas/Mahadashas , major transits happening in the life of a person which shall impact their life positively or negatively.

Our Astrologers at Raghauv Astrology analyze the position and movement of planets in an individual's chart as per their Birth Details and provide the complete report on the life cycle of the individual starting right from the birth to the final years. We provide the major phases in a person's life which shall bring about big change in his life such as any upcoming Health Issue that may trouble the person, achievement of success in their education and career fields, meeting their Love Partner, Married Life etc. This Horoscope Reading Report helps in taking decisions such as Education Field to choose for a successful career, precautions to be taken for any upcoming health issue, we provide simple and eazy remedies to minimize the impact of planetary movements on an individual's life.

Horoscope Reading Report shall cover the below mentioned topics: 

  • We shall provide you the detailed interpretation of your Natal Chart
  • We shall provide a detailed report on all the planets & houses of your chart.
  • We shall provide the suitability regarding your career options i.e. Job, Business, Freelancing, etc
  • We shall provide you the complete picture of your financial life i.e. Income source, Gain, Loss, Investment opportunities, etc.
  • We shall provide you the complete detail regarding your extended family i.e. Parents, Spouse, Kids, Siblings
  • We shall provide you the details of your Health & Physical strength.
  • We shall provide the details regarding your Name & Fame, Status, Success & Traveling.
  • The prediction regarding the Dasha Reading shall be provided for 2/5/10 years.

Raghauv Astrology provides these reports with solutions and remedies at a very nominal charge of Rs. 1100/-. You can also consult our experienced astrologer Acharya Mohini Bhardwaj for any query with a full satisfaction at very nominal charges of Rs. 250/-

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