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Saturn In Capricorn

Saturn Transit in Capricorn 

In the year 2022, the slowest moving planet Saturn will transit in Capricorn from 23 January to 17 Jan 2023, Saturn will transit in one Zodiac for more than two and a half years for longer than all the planets. According to everyone's zodiac, some changes will be seen in their lives. Saturn lives in a Nakshatra for about 13 months. The factor of Karma Saturn's transit in Capricorn in its zodiac is considered to be a very powerful combination, due to which the person has the ambition to make his identity. Saturn is a discipline beloved planet that is punctual. This time will be good for the people of Capricorn, because Saturn, the lord of Capricorn, is coming to transit in its zodiac sign. During this time, the ability of the native's hard work and deeds increases. Capricorn teaches the direction of the target by giving a direction similar to that of the father. At this time one gets to learn that the harder the path and time, the sweeter the fruit will be and we will get the fruits and rewards of the same hard work in the future.       अन्य सवालों के जवाब के लिए हमसें मिलनें के लिए सम्पर्क करें।    

The life of such zodiac is such that these people are living by carrying the burden of everyone on their shoulders and there is a lot of responsibility for such people. Such people have a goal from which they can find a way to achieve their life and focus their energies in one place and live their life with stability and success. Such natives lead a life of discipline and these people know very well when the right time for work is. These people do work with plans and do not move away from their goals. They try to deal with all obstacles in their path with great patience. Such a person very soon gets angry and jealous of each other. He wants others to respect you and value you.

Saturn's time in Capricorn is the time of a disciplined boundary because both Saturn and Capricorn know that without discipline and hard work, the taste of success will not be easily found. This is the time when you should spend your time in the necessary work by creating a strong foundation for the future. In such a situation, failure, insecurity, doubt, and worry are also born in the mind of the person because whoever works so hard will be scared about the results of their hard work, so that nothing gets spoiled. The native has to work harder instead of fear spoiling it and stick to his purpose.

Saturn will retrograde from June 5, 2022, to October 23, 2022, so this time will be full of challenges. During this time, do not make any major changes in your business, or think of taking any major decision. With Saturn retrograde in Capricorn, the native's hard work begins, so this is the time to pay more attention and reevaluate your personal structures, goals, and responsibilities. In such a situation, the person wants that he should be respected and if he respects the front, he should be given full importance and the same becomes a matter of dispute.      अपनी जन्म राशि जानें।

For Capricorn, the second phase of the Sade Satti is running, which will increase the burden of work responsibilities on them, but you have the quality of working efficiently in this stressful environment. With this, the beginning of the first phase of Sade-Sati for the Aquarius sign will also lead to new challenges in life, career, and family along with struggle, with which, after going through life like gold in life, the glow will also be seen.

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