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Saturn Transit In Aquarius Sign

Saturn Transit in Aquarius sign

Saturn Transit in Aquarius sign from 17 Jan 2023 to 29 March 2025

Saturn retro in Aquarius sign from 30 June 2024 to 15 Nov 2024

In the year 2024, the slowest moving planet Saturn will transit in its sign Aquarius from 17 Jan 2023 to 29 March 2025, Saturn will transit in one Zodiac for more than two and a half years longer than all the planets. According to everyone's zodiac, some changes will be seen in their lives. Saturn has lived in a Nakshatra for about 13 months. The factor of Karma Saturn's transit in Aquarius in its MulTrikon zodiac is considered to be a very powerful combination, due to which the person has the ambition to make his identity. Saturn is a disciplined beloved planet that is punctual. This time will be good for the people of Aquarius, because Saturn, the lord of Aquarius, is coming to transit in its zodiac sign. During this time, the ability of the native's hard work and deeds increased. Aquarius teaches the direction of the target by giving a direction similar to that of the father. At this time one gets to learn that the harder the path and time, the sweeter the fruit will be and we will get the fruits and rewards of the same hard work in the future.       Contact us to solve your queries     

The life of such zodiac is such that these people are living by carrying the burden of everyone on their shoulders and there is a lot of responsibility for such people. Such people have a goal from which they can find a way to achieve their life and focus their energies in one place and live their life with stability and success. Such natives lead a life of discipline and these people know very well when the right time for work is. These people do work with plans and do not move away from their goals. They try to deal with all obstacles in their path with great patience. Such a person very soon gets angry and jealous of each other. He wants others to respect you and value you.

Saturn's time in Aquarius is the time of a disciplined boundary because both Saturn and Aquarius know that without discipline and hard work, the taste of success will not be easily found. This is the time when you should spend your time on the necessary work by creating a strong foundation for the future. In such a situation, failure, insecurity, doubt, and worry are also born in the mind of the person because whoever works so hard will be scared about the results of their hard work, so that nothing gets spoiled. The native has to work harder instead of fear spoiling it and stick to his purpose.

Saturn will retrograde from June 30, 2024, to November 15, 2024, so this time will be full of challenges. During this time, do not make any major changes in your business, or think of taking any major decisions. With Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, the native's hard work begins, so this is the time to pay more attention and reevaluate your personal structures, goals, and responsibilities. In such a situation, the person wants that he should be respected and if he respects the front, he should be given full importance and the same becomes a matter of dispute.      Know Your Birth Sign

For Capricorn, the third phase of the Sade Satti, For Aquarius, the second phase of the sade Satti and For Pisces the first phase of Sade Satti from 17 Jan 2023 which will increase the burden of work responsibilities on them, but have the quality of working efficiently in this stressful environment. With this, the beginning of the first phase of Sade-Sati for the Pisces sign will also lead to new challenges in life, career, and family along with struggle, with which, after going through life like gold in life, the glow will also be seen.

Shani is a disciplinary and justice factor planet. The way a teacher understands our energies and tries to guide us on the right path and also punishes us for doing wrong, in the same way, this Shani also binds us to our limits by being disciplined. With the transit of Shani in Aquarius, we will understand that success and profit will be achieved only by making efforts. This is the time when we will strengthen our foundation by planning properly for our future. Due to the transit of Shani in Kumbh, our eyes should be on our goal, so that we can reach concrete results. Let us know what effect Saturn's transit in Aquarius will have on your business, job, marriage, love, children, education, and health according to your zodiac signs.
Aries:- What will be the result of Saturn's transit in Aquarius for Aries. Your hard work and struggle will increase a lot in this transit. If you are thinking of a new job, then do it till June, due to the retrograde of Saturn from June 30, there may be obstacles in the new work and the profit you were expecting will not be available on time. According to your health, this year will be normal, some skin-related diseases can trouble you, so do not be negligent. There will be no dearth of enthusiasm in you and you will do any work without any fear. The cooperation of parents will be complete and you can go on religious pilgrimage with them. Money can be spent on any work related to the house and the dream of owning a house will be fulfilled in this transit of Shani.
Taurus:- Transit of Saturn in Aquarius sign for Taurus sign may cause some differences with your father, you should also take care of his health. After working hard in the workplace, the chances of profit are less. It will be better if you work with patience and patience. If you are thinking about promotion, then this transit of Shani will make you wait for more. Even for a new job, the beginning of the year will be better, do not make any changes in the middle of the year. This year, keep laziness away from you, otherwise, some important tasks will get out of hand due to the habit of postponing work for tomorrow. You have to use your speech very thoughtfully and not make any promises that you cannot fulfill on time.
Gemini:- For Gemini, Saturn's transit in Aquarius will cause delays and obstacles in the workplace, and due to the influence of Saturn in the eighth house, one may have to face sudden problems. The financial condition is also looking a bit weak and this Shani will reduce income and profit even in the work related to money. This year will be better for traveling abroad and all the work-related there will be done on time. In the last year, till now we have been struggling with some disputes related to the land, this year it seem to be getting relief from that too. You will sometimes feel confused, if this happens while making any important decision, then it would be better to take the advice of a senior or postpone it for some time.
Cancer:- What can be the result of Saturn in Aquarius for Cancer? Keep laziness away from you this year because Shani does not give auspicious results to lazy people. At the beginning of the year, you will make some important decisions related to business that you were not able to take in the last year. Such projects related to abroad will also be available from which you will get the benefit. From June 30, 2024, due to Saturn's retrograde, be sure to take care of the health of the children and be careful with the vehicle. This year you will benefit because of a female friend. Money can be spent on some kind of decoration in your house, in which your family members will fully cooperate with you. In the middle of the year, pay attention to your health, some old diseases can bother you, so do not be negligent. There can be a dispute with someone, in solving which your money can be spent, there is a need to be careful.
Leo:- How will Saturn's transit in Aquarius be for Leo? This Shani will inspire you to work in the right direction this year and will help you reach your goal. This year your hard work and struggle will increase a lot due to which you will feel very busy. If you are thinking of investing in some land, then do it very carefully, otherwise, you may be cheated in the middle of the year. If you are making any change related to your job, then do not do it in the middle of the year, do not be in a hurry in the desire for a good position, if you walk with restraint, you will also get the promotion. Health-related problems are visible, mental tension will remain due to some chronic illnesses. An old angry partner may come back, which will give you a sense of belonging.
Virgo:- What effect will Saturn's transit in Aquarius bring for Virgo Zodiac sign? With this transit of Shani, you can resume any stalled education this year or can also search in any research. The position of Saturn will make your thinking serious, due to which you can take an important decision by going very deep. From June 30 retrograde Saturn, there will be some confusion regarding business this year, and hesitation regarding new work will also remain. There can also be differences between the employees. Any old government work that was stuck due to Saturn being direct from November 15 will also be completed this year. You will get the full support of your parents. Your money can be spent on some expensive material things, you can also buy jewelry for your girlfriend. The middle of the year is not a good time for vehicle and home-related expenses.
Libra:- Saturn's transit in Aquarius will give you new opportunities in business, but any kind of ego can also cause loss for Libra Sign. If you were waiting for a project related to abroad You will get the benefit from meeting him. Do not make any big investment on the advice of anyone, nor think of investing in land in the middle of the year. Due to the retrograde of Saturn from June 30, there will be some kind of difference with the mother, due to which you may have to face mental troubles as well. This year, the sum of small trips is also made and after the 15th of November, the dream of traveling abroad will also come true due to Saturn being on the path. If any kind of debate is seen, then it will be better for you if you make a distance in time.
Scorpio: Transit of Saturn in Aquarius If the people of Scorpio zodiac at this time think of postponing the work for tomorrow, then the loss will also be yours. If you are thinking of doing some new work in business, then this time will be better for work. The financial situation will also remain normal and there will be no hindrance in the work due to the financial situation. From June 30 onwards, there can be a dispute with the mother due to retrograde Saturn. With the help of a friend, your stalled work will start smoothly but do not start any new work with the same friend. Any old stalled education will start again this year and will also be completed.
Sagittarius:- Due to the transit of Saturn in Aquarius for the Sagittarius sign, if you do the work with full attention, then Saturn will give you success. This year will be full of hard work and struggle for business, but its result will also be better. This transit will bring some trouble for the financial situation and problems related to money will remain, but none of your work will stop. This Shani can give you any benefit related to the land. If you are thinking of going abroad, you may have to face many obstacles this year. There will be financial help from the father and the blessings of the mother will remain.
Capricorn:- What will be the result of Saturn's Gocher in Aquarius for Capricorn? The third and last phase of Shani's Sade Sati is starting. Due to this mental problems will remain, but due to the transit of Saturn in its own zodiac, the same Shani will also give the inspiration to fight this mental stress. This transit will bring balance and depth to your decision-making power and you will get your new destination. This transit will bring new business opportunities and profit will remain in the economic situation as well. With the improvement in your financial condition, you will also be able to fulfill the dream of going abroad and if you are thinking of taking your home, then that dream will also be fulfilled. Some differences may remain with your life partner, but you will get rid of this problem with your understanding. At the end of the year, take care of your health, there is a possibility of some kind of accident, and drive the vehicle carefully.
Aquarius: With the Gochar of Saturn in Aquarius, the second phase of Sade Sati will begin. Due to this struggle hard work will increase in your zodiac and you will know the reality of your life. In this time, your self will start going away and some such relationships will come closer which you never thought about. There can be a distance from a life partner about something. Before taking up a new job, take the advice of a senior. For any big investment in the business, proceed only after thinking carefully. The time after June 30 is not better to change jobs, at this time Saturn will be retrograde in your own Aquarius sign. Work will also be better due to Saturn being in Aquarius from November 15 and money will be spent on the decoration of the house and the dream of a new vehicle will also come true.
Pisces:- How is the transit of Saturn in Aquarius going to happen for Pisces sign? With the Shani Gochar in Meen Rashi, you are starting the first phase of Sade Satti, due to which its full effect will remain on your zodiac, do not let laziness dominate you during this time, otherwise, you will be deprived of very important opportunities. Many new opportunities related to business will come and you will get a chance to move forward. This year you will show something new. You will also have a new identity in society. Your married life will remain happy this year and the arrival of a new partner will bring happiness to your life. This transit will be better in terms of health but stay away from laziness. This year, the support of your parents will remain fully and they will also help you with your financial situation.

If you also want to know according to your horoscope what effect this Saturn will have on your life and what effect this auspicious and inauspicious change will have on your business, job, marriage, love, education, and health then contact us You can learn about yourself by doing. We will try to solve all your problems and will try to show you the right direction according to your situation.

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