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Moon sign - Moon is of most importance in our horoscope because it is only from the Moon that we are able to see our natal chart, Nakshatra and Dasha. The Zodiac sign in which Moon is at the time of birth is called our Zodiac sign, this Zodiac sign has a profound effect on our life and mind, and this extrapolates our personality. There are three Nakshatras in every Zodiac, the Nakshatra in which this Zodiac sign is, through the same means, by choosing the letter, we name the child. This Zodiac sign is very important in marriage and other work, and it is from this Zodiac Saturn’s Sade-Satti and Dhaiya are also considered. There is a question in everyone's mind that after all, we should keep our name from the birth or the choice, according to Vedic Astrology, everyone should keep their name according to the Zodiac / Nakshatra of birth because this Zodiac sign goes with us from birth to the end. We cannot change its effect and through this, the future and the future circumstances can be known. For example, if a person is in the Moon Leo Zodiac at the time of birth, his Zodiac sign is Leo, whose lord is the Sun. All the effects of the Leo sign will be seen more in the life of the native. Leo has three constellations of the Zodiac, Magha, Purvaphalguni, and Utaraphalguni! The Nakshatra in which the native is born, he/she should be named accordingly. 

Importance of Moon in Vedic Astrology- From the Vedic point of view, Moon is the most important place in Astrology. The Moon possessing divine power is a bright, royal, and cool planet. The Moon itself has the power to control the fickle mind. In Taurus Zodiac, it is positive and Moon is very powerful in its positive Zodiac sign, and in the Zodiac sign Scorpio it is negative and weak. Moon is the fastest and moving planet among all planets, it travels all Zodiac signs and constellations in 27 days. It is dominated by mind, thinking, life, daily routine, mother, mind, intellect, behavior, emotions, fluids, medicines, travel, peace, and love. Due to the presence of different Zodiac signs and emotions, it affects the life of a person differently. The auspicious and strong Moon gives fruit in the horoscope like Raj Yoga in the same way that other Dhana yoga and yoga created by the Sun give fruit. The Moon controls our memory, mindset, emotions, attitude, interest, and thinking. If the Moon is weak or inauspicious then one's mindset and memory are weak, stressful, depressive, psychological disturbance, and unstable thinking. When it is Purnima, then the Moon is closer to the Earth, at the same time people have increased mental problems and have to face depression. The Moon is part of sensitivity, imaginativeness, creativity, and artistry. Due to its positive effect on the native, has amazing creative, intuition, foreboding, and imagination. Like the Ascendant Horoscope, the Moon horoscope also has great importance in future calculations and the condition is also calculated on the basis of the same.

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