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Depression And Astrology

What is Depression: In today's materialistic era, every person is running like a contest in a life in which almost all the people are facing tough challenges in their life. Everyone has a burden of responsibilities and goals, persons having strong confidence and courage can handle this pressure to some extent, the rest, whose morale is weak and cannot fight the challenges of life, things go out of control for them. This starts a behavioral change in them, and they start to suffer from sadness and mental depression. Their working capacity starts decreasing & they don’t feel like doing anything at their workplace or home. A person in depression cannot explain to anyone about their loneliness, weakness, despair, stress, or pressure, they are not able to explain the circumstances they are going through or the challenges being faced by them. During this phase, they start to lose interest in the activity which they used to do earlier, they start suspecting everyone, even the people who were very close to them earlier, this is the biggest mistake as the people who wants to help them are not able to do so due to this behavior. This is the most difficult time and one has to be very positive, practical, and calm to get a solution to this problem.       Why Worried? Ask a question and get solutions! 
If we look around, our worries and depression are due to the surrounding environment - education, jobs, business, love issues, marriage problems, huge debts, and legal cases, etc. Such mental troubles and emotional stress are becoming common especially in the urban areas as the desire of people of all ages is increasing due to this the problem of depression is increasing. Women are more prone to depression than men. Competition and show-off have increased so much that people start comparing their lives with others and start pressurizing themselves beyond the limit. Children face the pressure and undue expectations of their parents. Young people go through all the criteria to get themselves ahead in the fields related to their business. Everyone is surrounded by stress emotionally or mentally at home due to the responsibility on their shoulders. These concerns weaken the mind and cause serious psycho-mental disturbance within the mind. The reason is the same, sadness and depression! Due to this depression, there is no happiness in life and even after having everything in life, people start taking the stress and feel lonely.
Symptoms of Depression:  In this situation, people start feeling depressed, frequent mood changes, loss of enjoyment, loss of appetite, weight loss, lack & excess of sleep, weakness, and fatigue, starts blaming themselves for any issue, suffering from hand tremors, life looks like a burden, suicidal thoughts in mind, slow walking, loses decision-making ability, difficulty in concentration and feels lonely. Thyroid, tumor & vitamin deficiency are also other possible reasons for depression. Sudden trauma like the death of a loved one, loss in business, unpayable debt, end of a relationship, distance from a lover, poverty, over expectations and underestimating oneself, etc. also bring disappointment in life. If this situation persists for long, then it causes depression. The imbalance of certain hormones in the brain, genetic, low self-esteem, and being pessimistic is also a cause of depression.
Astrological relationship with Depression: Now we understand all these aspects from an astrological point of view, we can understand the yoga of which planets in a person’s horoscope that causes the person to go into a state of depression. Horoscope can reveal a person's state of mind, behavior, and external nature. A person feels depressed when they are mentally weak, and the important thing to note here is that the softest planet Moon is affected by Rahu-Ketu & Saturn. When a person’s Moon is weak in their horoscope, obstacles & failures start creeping in and the person is not able to overcome the same and starts feeling depressed. Moon under any planet’s influence weakens the mental health of a person, seeing a horoscope, a good astrologer can find out the time of Dasha's in a person’s horoscope and guide them the solution/remedies to overcome this situation ahead of time. Moon is the factor of mind in which Rahu brings confusion and turmoil, Ketu brings dissatisfaction and disorientation and Saturn brings restlessness, negativity, sorrow, and stress.
In the horoscope, if the Moon is in the sixth, ninth or twelfth house, the lordship of house, the moon being negative, the Moon being debilitated is also the yoga of depression. The fourth house of the horoscope is called the house of happiness, even if it is affected, there is a lack of happiness. The fifth house is related to the mental strength and if this house/lordship of the house is affected, there shall be the yoga of depression in a person’s life. The first house/lordship of the first house is the hallmark of the brain, it is also very important to be strong and should be devoid of negativity.

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Cure of Depression: In today’s era 80% to 90% of the people can get relief by treating their depression. First, try to speak your mind to someone special and remove negative thinking that we have no one, spend more and more time with your friends and keep yourself busy with some work. If there is no one with whom a person can share their feelings, then try to remove loneliness from your life by joining any activity which keeps you busy and does not try to show shortcomings of everyone, listen to music, use fragrance in your surroundings, start writing your mind in a diary, go for a walk and increase your interests.
Remedies: Such a person should drink water in a silver glass or wear Rudraksha and silver chain around the neck. Worship Lord Shiva by chanting the mantras. Respect your mother and all the ladies who are like your mother. Regularly do Anulom-Vilom, Pranayam in the morning in a clean environment. Do not consume alcohol and smoking and have a balanced diet.
If you are also suffering from such depression, feeling lonely, have migraine or headache, you are not able to feel relaxed even after having everything in your life, disappointed with life, have fear or negativity regarding something, then you can contact us, we can provide a solution to remove the negativity of planets in your horoscope through efficient remedies.


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