Capricorn Sign Horoscope 2023 Rashiphal 2023 VarshPhal 2023

Capricorn Horoscope 2023

For Capricorn, this year 2023 will also be under the influence of the Last/Third Phase of Sadhesati, due to which mental trouble will remain and tension will also remain due to unnecessary expenditure. 


Financial Status - Your financial condition will be better this year and you will also be able to do savings this year, which will only benefit you in the coming times, this year you will stay away from unnecessary expenses. This year will also teach you the importance of money. This year, there may be a dispute with the family members regarding the ancestral property. Do not make any big investments in the stock market from June onwards, there may be losses. After paying off any loan in the middle of the year, there will also be a need to take it again, be careful about this.

Career- This year, there will be travel for work in the country and abroad, as well as expenses will remain the same. Contacts will be made with a good company only after your hard work. This year is coming to fill in the hard work for job seekers. You will also get a promotion this year due to your hard work. Do not make any changes to the job after September. At the end of the year, you will get praise from the boss and you will start climbing the ladder of success with enthusiasm. The end of the year will also be a better time to change jobs.

Marriage/Love- The beginning of this year will be full of romance and love. By living up to the expectations of the one you love, the two of you will come closer emotionally. If you are single, then you can be friends with someone while talking online, as soon as you feel love, do not delay in talking about your heart. For married people, at the beginning of the year, there will be differences due to some misunderstandings in married life. From April, mutual tension will also reduce and gradually you will start understanding each other as to what is the reason behind the differences.

Health- You will be able to understand yourself mentally strong. This year, the health of the parents will have to be taken care of very much, only then you will be able to keep them away from mental tension. If you have any problem related to your stomach or waist, then take great care of yourself in the middle of the year, otherwise carelessness will only harm you.

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Capricorns should recite Durga Chalisa regularly and distribute sweets made of saffron and jaggery in the temple every Sunday.

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