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Match Making Report : Kundli Milaan or Match Making of Horoscopes of both the partners is very important factor before marriage as per Hundu Religion, now a days other religions have also started to do the same. Even after increase in number of Love Marriages, parents, and couples insist in getting the horoscope of both the partners matched. Matching of Horoscope / Janamkundli gives accurate results regarding the married life, compatibility, sexual life, children, nature of both the partners etc. which definitely helps in taking the most important decision of a person's life.

Expert & experienced astrologers at Raghauv Astrology provides you complete insight about your married life such as How will be your Sexual Life after Marriage, When will you be blessed with a child, Any Health issues to any partner after marriage, nature of both the partners & things to take care for a blissful marriage.

In this Match Making Report we shall also provide you with the major planetary trasition taking place after your marriage and its impact on your married life. Sometimes couples doing Love Marriage are feared of getting the horoscope matched as, if the same does not than they will have to break their relationship, whereas, we at Raghauv Astrology does not let that happen as we go into very minute details of both the horoscopes and provide remedies to negate the effect of non matching in some areas and we assure that by doing these remedies sincerely and regularly married life will go on very smoothly.

We shall provide the details regarding the compatibility with your “To be Life Partner", which shall help you in making a good decision regarding your marriage.

  • We shall analyze your's & your to be partner’s planet positions & no. of beneficial planets as per combined horoscope.
  • We shall confirm the post-marriage status for both of you regarding Peace, Harmony, Prosperity & Overall well being
  • We shall provide the details regarding the health of both of you.
  • We shall compare the mental status of both of you and provide you with the mental compatibility post marriage.
  • We shall provide you with the physical/sexual compatibility of both wherein we shall compare the sexual orientation & drive.
  • Compatibility regarding the Materialistic & Financial Luck for both the partners.
  • Comparing the Age Graph of both the Partners.
  • We shall provide you the ways to handle conflicts, clashes, ego & arguments with your life partner as per their nature.
  • We shall provide the details regarding your kids & glimpse of their life.

We provide this Match Making Report at a very nominal charge of Rs. 1100/- only. You can also consult our experienced astrologer Acharya Mohini Bhardwaj for any specific question regarding the married life of both the partners for Rs. 250/- only. We assure you complete privacy of both the partners.

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