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Cancer Sign Horoscope 2022 Rashiphal 2022 VarshPhal 2022
Cancer Horoscope 2022
Rashi Cancer, Moon is the lord of Cancer sign, you are artistic, passionate, and imaginative by nature. Whoever you belong to with a lot of heart and if he does not treat you properly, then you also become disappointed very soon.  This year too, due to this emotional connection, your heart may hurt, but you have to handle the relationship very wisely. Rahu will transit in the eleventh house from your zodiac till 12 April this year, which will keep you busy with more than one task. If you are related to politics, then due to the transit of Rahu in the tenth house from April, you will get a name in the society with great success. This year will be full of travels for you, if you are dreaming of going abroad then that too will come true this year.  Avoid any kind of debate from September to November, otherwise, the person in front will also treat you as an enemy and can put you in more trouble at any time. Children have to be very careful about the competition, otherwise, the year may be spoiled due to bad timing.
Profession/Job-   Know about your Career
The beginning of this year will be better regarding work, if you are in business, then trying new work will also bring success at this time. This time will also be better for you to invest money in new business. Your passion and dedication will remain in your work and you will definitely get success. By getting new projects and new deals, you will be recognized in the foreign company outside.  With the transit of Jupiter in Pisces from April, you will get opportunities in a new job and with the prospect of promotion, the boss will also praise you.  But due to the retrograde of Jupiter from the end of July, avoid any change in the job and if there is an opportunity to join again from the old or left job, then take thoughtful steps. This year is going to be a very good year for those doing government jobs.
 Economic condition-    Know about your Education
According to your financial condition, at the beginning of this year, the Sun, the lord of wealth, is transiting along with Saturn and Mars, which are showing mental tension regarding money, and are showing debates in money matters. Which can cause trouble till April.  It would be better if you invest your money somewhere in this time, then savings can be made.  If you have to take a loan for any reason, then till July the time will be in your favor.  After that do not do any kind of loan transaction at all, time is not better.  Your money is likely to be spent more in your house around August, keep this in mind during this time.  If you are thinking of investing in the share market, then this time will be better.
Family life-   Know about your Personal Life
Talking about your relationship, if you are single, then at the beginning of the year you will be friends with someone and soon you will not know when this friendship will turn into love, the time till July will be better for your love relationship, but it's After July due to debate and any confusion, your relationship may also end after July, so act wisely and with restraint.  Married life will be better for married people at the beginning of the year, if there was any tension due to mutual misunderstanding then that too will end.  But due to the transit of retrograde Saturn in the marital house from July, again due to mutual estrangement in the relationship and due to children, there will be a situation of tension.  You should act wisely to save the relationship.
Health-  Know about your Health
 According to your health, this year will be mentally troublesome due to stress in more work, for which you will not be able to give yourself time.  If you have any kind of skin or nerve-related problem then you should not be careless.  After August, you may be troubled by sudden diabetes or a thyroid problem, so change your lifestyle and do not be careless in treatment.
Remedies-   Click here for other Remedies 
Cancerians should recite Bajrang Path thrice this year every day Morning or evening and give black urad to a needy person on Saturday.

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