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Gemstones are very precious and attractive. Gemstones are to be used in a jeweler. Besides attraction, a gemstone contains scientific and divine powers also. Gems are very useful in Ayurveda and astrology. These are available in different colors. Each color related to a planet of the universe and directly affects an individual according to placement in your horoscope.
Masculine personalities towards jewelry and attractive gemstones are advised to consult with a learned and expert astrologer. An experienced astrologer will advise a proper and accurate gemstone according to your birth chart reading, moon sign, and numerology.

Gemstones: Gemstones have a direct effect on our mind through the body. We have seven chakras in our body, all the seven have different colors & these chakras affect our mind. Gemstones have many benefits provided we wear the right gemstone with appropriate Weight, Shine & Colour. Gemstones have amazing divine power, with the right guidance to wear a gemstone, it can make a person super successful in life. Each Gemstone is related to the planet in the solar system and it provides benefits related to that planet in your chart.

We wear gemstones to strengthen the weak planets of our horoscope. But it should also be remembered that Gems never do any magic, they show their influence according to your Dasha in the Natal chart. Gemstone should not be worn without the guidance from an expert as wearing a non-balanced gemstone as per your chart can affect your life negatively. Our Gem experts shall guide you properly for the best-suited Gemstone as per the Position, Lagan & Dasha of planets in your Natal Chart. Our Gem Expert shall also guide you regarding the appropriate weight of the Gemstone you need to wear as the results & its timings will vary with the weight of the Gemstone.



Associated Planet

Effects & Benefits




Ruby is worn to gain Self-confidence, Power, Passion, Government office Jobs, Strong bones, Fame, Victory, Father's happiness, Benefits from Administrative Service, Success in politics, Disease Immunity, etc.




Emerald is worn for strong intellect, sharp mind, success in business, journalism, communication, astrology, teaching, engineer, business power, accountants, skills, knowledge, fast mind, writing, learning power, balance nervous system, speech, comedian, counselor.

Yellow Sapphire



Yellow Sapphire is worn for children, education, dignity, wealth, luck, fame, social work, serious thoughts, faith in dharma-karma, success in business, for the happiness of marital life, debt redemption, knowledge, conscience, right work of lever, good digestive capacity, new opportunities in Life, Innovation & ideas and strong decision-making.

Blue Sapphire



 Blue Sapphire is worn for Stability in mindset, fast mind, freshness, research ability, decision-making, professional strength, social activities, fast vision, concentration in studies, share gains and liquidity




Pearl is worn for weak emotions, insensitivity, turbulence in emotions, migraine and uncontrol of the mind, mental peace, confidence, power of meditation, beauty, imagination, positivity, study, concentration, good eyesight




Diamonds are worn for charm, adventure, love, artist, media, beauty, sexual power, poetry, comfort, music, acting, photography, pleasures, vehicles, beautiful home, splendor, and luxury




Coral is worn for controlling anger and relieve blood problems. It gives confidence, courage, and positivity. Which intensifies on the face and increases physical strength, passion, lack of anger, sexual desire, ambition, competition, blood, bones, strength, and endurance. Those who work as police, doctors, consultants, engineers, sports, can wear it.

When a stone is worn in a ring or pendent the continuously vibrating power of planets is absorbed in the individual’s aura. If we wear it in normally jewels forms when stone’s energies do not work indirectly in our aura.
Interesting fact: in old age, the fiery red ruby gemstone is used for just ornaments for beauty. Over the ages, it has recognized the beautiful ruby with many magical powers. These four gems are called precious gems 1. Diamond, 2 Sapphires, 3 Emeralds, 4 Ruby is a king of the gems. It is a hard gemstone but after cutting, it can be delicate.

Please contact Raghauv Astrology for the best-suited Gemstone as per your Natal Chart and sitting at the comfort of your home you can order the divine power energized Gemstone. Our Gemstones are suitably prices as per the quality and weight.

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