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Birthday Report

Birthday Report- JanamDin Our birthday is a very important day for us, our horoscope is formed according to the planets of the day on which we are born. The degree and minutes in which the sun occurs at birth when the sun comes back again after a year when we were born, is based on the same time as the yearly(Annual) is prepared. This coincidence is made every year in Vedic astrology which is called Varshafhal and Solar Return.

If your birthday is going to come, then with the greetings of the whole year you will be given information about you according to the year-long transit, how your coming year will be and what precautions you have to take as well as what measures you can take to make your work done. It can be groomed. This horoscope will work as your friend and will help you understand your destiny and fluctuations related to your fate, which will make you experience many events.

Vedic year horoscope promises to give information according to a scientific and Vedic tradition from this birthday to your birthday. It is not in the Vedic system and any astrology system.

The year horoscope is formed by making Muntha, Year Lord, Ascendant Lord, Munthesh, and Dahsa. Which will be valid only till next year's birthday Janamdin from this birthday.    Why Worried? Ask a question and get solutions! 

- For One Year: 1100/-
- Two Year or two Profile: 2100/-

You will be given your year in the form of a report in which all the detailed information will be given along with the time to come. In this report, you can get information about the year, duration of 1, 2, 5, 10 years Raghauv Astrology will try to give you accurate information about your future according to your experience.

In this report, we shall provide you with the complete overview of the year as per your Natal Chart.

We shall provide you the progress of your Career/Business during the year, time suitable for taking important decisions regarding your Career/Business, a good time to invest during the year.

We shall provide you important information related to your Love/Marriage/Children life.

We shall provide you important information related to your Health and any important dates during the year wherein you need to take special care of your health.

We shall provide you Advice/Suggestions during the year which shall be fruitful for your well-being, providing lucky dates of the month for taking important decisions.

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