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Numerology is the magic of Numbers. What are your Prime number, Destiny number, Talent number, Heart Number, Personality Number, Challenge Number, and Lucky number? What is in your life according to your numbers? What are the numbers that speak about your career life, health life, marriage life, children, and financial position?

Name Correction:- The number we got with our birth is our fate and we cannot change it because all the points have their own special energy and some numbers we get according to our deeds which we call Karmic numbers, due to which we have to face a struggle in life. We cannot change the numbers of our birth because it is a gift of nature but we can keep our name as we wish because just as birth numbers are characterized, similarly entire universe knows our Name, whose energy has full effect on us. Whatever deficiency is there in our birth numbers, we can try to fulfill that deficiency by our name, which we call Destiny Number.

You can also make a correction in your name and balance your birth number by name. The number is lacking in your birth number, by balancing the same number in your name, we can make your life easier.

Which mobile number will bring you success or which number associated with your home and vehicle will bring prosperity for you.

Which number is lucky for you and which number has to be given less importance in your life?

You partner with a particular number who will bring immense love in your life.

Raghauv Astrology provides a report of your life reading based on different numbers affecting your life.

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