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Life Reading Report : Life of each and every human being is governed by the placement of planets in their chart during their Birth and how these planets move across the 12 houses of their chart during the life cycle. Each one of us wants our life to be smooth through out the life span but that does not happen as movement/ transit of planets bring ups and down in a person's life.

Our expert and experienced astrologer analyze the exact placement of planets during the birth of the person and also track their movements/transit during the life span to give the complete picture of the individual's life related to their childhood, education, health, career, wealth etc. Life Reading Report definitely helps to prepare for the upcoming challenges as we provide the major transits of planets which effects an individual's life and provide simple and eazy remedies to minimize the impact.

We at Raghauv Astrology consider 120 years life span of an individual and these 120 years have been divided into Nine Planets of the Solar System moving in the 12 houses of an individual's horoscope. Each planet plays a very important role in the life of a human being during its journey and gives favourable & unfavourable results, through this report we pre-inform the individual regarding these favourable & unfavourable results coming up in their life and with simple and eazy remedies how to overcome their impact. We provide a life reading report indicating good or bad, negative, or positive results during the journey as Mahadasha/Antardasha of each planet and placements of planets, aspects of planets, .and conjunction of planets in a horoscope with easy remedies.

 In this report, we shall provide you with the complete details of your life path and it will include the following :

  • We shall give a picture of your Personality, Nature & Mental Outlook
  • We shall provide the position of planets as per your horoscope & their transition.
  • We shall provide special things related to your chart which shall be beneficial in your life.
  • We shall provide a complete overview of the given year as per your chart.
  • We shall provide details regarding your Career, Finance, Relationships, Health & Family.
  • We shall provide your Dasha Period & predictions as per the same.
  • We shall give you an insight regarding your interest in Spiritual & Foreign activities.
  • Suitable Gem Stone for you & remedies to minimize the impact of transitions shall also be provided.

These reports are provided at a very nominal charge of Rs.1100/-, also you can contact our expert and experienced astrologer Acharya Mohini Bhardwaj regarding any specific question, we shall provide the answer to that to your full satisfaction at a nominal charge of only Rs.250/-

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