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Eight Tips Of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra can be explained as a science of organizing Home in a scientific manner so that all the main & major components of nature / prakriti remains in balanced state. It is stated that our Prakriti / Nature is constituted by the 5 elements which are – Agni (Fire) ; Jal (Warter) ; Prithvi (Earth) ; Vayu (Air) and Akash (Space). Any type of imbalance of these 5 components of nature creates difficulty in the life of the dwellers and invites lots of negativity in the House. The 5 elements are the gateway of the cosmic energy and disruptions of any elements block the road of the cosmic energy. Therefore, every home owner should consult a professional Vastu Shastra specialist before constructing or renovating or decorating or organizing any house and make necessary changes if any to gain the ultimate output or productivity in the form of financial abundance or prosperity. Therefore, the followings are the eight(8) key steps which will help to harmonize or make continues flow of energy in your house and brings financial stability in your life.

1. Keep main entrance repair free and beautiful

Main door is the 1st steps from where the Goddess Lakshmi enters in your house. According to Vastu Shastra the main door of one’s house is one of the main space which attracts most positive energy, wealth and prosperity. Make sure that the main door should be built attractively and there are no cracks or faults in the main entrance. The locks function run smoothly. Also place some plants, wind chimes and a name plate which can clearly read at the entrance of the house.

2. Cash Drawer or Lockers or Almirah or safes

It is stated that the financial assets; papers; bonds; shares; Jewellery; money should be kept in the earth corner of the House. The south-west corner of the house is treated as earth corner and it any type of financial assets tends to multiply in this corner. Therefore, all the Cash Drawer or Lockers or Almirah or safes containing money, Jewellery or financial assets should be kept in south- west corner of the house facing north- east. Facing the safe or Almira containing money in the direction of South or west will attract heavy flow of money or financial losses or expenses.

3. Kuber Yantra

Kuber is the God of Wealth or money and resides in the north- east direction of the home. Therefore, one should avoid any type of dirty work in this side. Bathroom, toilet, shoe- rack should not be in this side. This side should be organized in a very beautiful and gracious manner. One Kuber Yantra can be kept in the northern wall of the house to bring financial prosperity in the home.

4. Free, Specious Home

Home should be neat & clean and free of any type of clutter. Any person after entering into one’s should have a good feelings. There should be good amount of flow of air or ventilation and sun light. Sun light is the main sources of energies of all things. Therefore, any home devoid of sunlight and poor ventilation should be avoided. Flow of air or proper ventilation can be designated as flow of wealth into the house. A wind chime at the main door of the house is very good option for entry of wealth into the house. The centre position of the house is very important and it should be kept clean and clutter free. Apart from these, every windows, doors of the home should be cleaned regularly. In one word the neat & clean home is key to success in relationship, finance and every aspect of life.

5. Place water foundation and small aquariums

In Vastu Shastra it is believed that Fish has the power of purify the bad energies of the House. Therefore, a small aquariums with little fish can be kept in the north- eastern side of the house. Fish aquariums also enhances the psychological as well as the scenic beauty of the house. Aquariums can brings energy in three ways into the room i.e. in the form of living animal like fish; in the form watery plants placed into the aquariums and in the form of small water bodies into the House. All these will help to bring the financial stability into the house. One thing must be kept in mind that the aquariums should be clean or wash regularly. Otherwise, stagnant and dirty water in the aquariums can create financial obstacles.

6. Water leakages

Water leakages is taken very seriously in Vastu Shastra. It is assumed that water leakages are just like drainage of wealth or financial loss. Therefore, one should be very careful about leakages of water in Home. It might be leakages in Bathroom, Kitchen or from pipes or wall; early and speedy action is needed to prevent leakages to control financial loss or expenditure. 

7. Plants and Birds

Plant in home also said to increase prosperity. The plant with purple colour or a money plant in tub of purple colour can be kept in the home to increase the wealth of the home. Bird feeding is also a good sign which brings financial inflow into one’s house. A bird – feeder can be kept in one’s house in the north- west side of the house. The Bird should be fed in this feeder and sufficient amount of water should be made available in that area. Bird feeding is also taken as remedies in the time of financial crisis.

8. Toilet or Bathroom

The most negative energy creator in Vastu Shatra is Toilet or Bathroom. One should made separate toilet and bathroom if possible. Construction of bathroom or toilet without understanding or consulting of Vastu Shastra leads to many fold disaster in life. It can lead to financial crisis, disturbance in family life, health issues etc. North- west side of the home is best for construction of bathroom or toilet. Never build or construct a toilet or bathroom in south- west corner of a house.

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