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Mohini Ji is one of the best astrologer and Vastu Expert I have ever met. She believes and follows scientific principles and concepts behind Astrology and Vastu, there is no space for myths, misconceptions and superstitions. Her calculations, predictions are very much precise and accurate. Remedies suggested by her are not complicated but very simple yet effective and works amazingly and unbelievably. I had lost faith in astrology due to my previous experiences with some astrologers were very disappointing.  But when I met Mohini Ji and shared my problems, she first motivated and encouraged me to stay positive and have faith in god. She took my problems very seriously and studied my Janma Patri. Then she suggested me some very simple remedies like chanting sacred mantras and some dos and don'ts. I  adhered to her instructions and started following her instructions very religiously. Just within a week I felt and experienced tremendous positive changes in my life and all of my problems started getting vanished gradually.  Chanting those mantras daily worked amazingly and now all of my problems have been sorted out. I am thankful to her from the core of my heart. My experience with Mohini Ji was beyond my expectations. I am very much satisfied with her.
And above all she is a very good human being, kind, very caring, humble, helpful,  supportive, polite, soft spoken and a spiritual person too.
I will always remain grateful to Mohini Ji  for her unconditional help, motivation and support. Words are not sufficient enough to thank her. I highly recommend her to each and everyone.

Prashant Verma

I have been consulting from Mohini Ji for the last many years. With my experience with her, I find her very good astrologer and have a deep understanding. Her predictions are quite accurate. I tend to call her in times whenever I have some dilemmas or important decisions to be taken and her advice really helps me. She is a simple, kind-hearted, and very approachable astrologer unlike others and one can ask anything without any hesitation. I have recommended her to many of my friends and all of them have a good experience too...

Priya Madan

I had been associated with Acharya Mohini for many years and was decent for me. Some astrologers were cheaters and would know nothing but Acharya Mohini did best possible for me and just focused on giving solutions. No doubt, she is excellent. I am thankful for providing the service at my thick and thin. Thank you


Mohini thankyou, u have guided me and showed me the right direction. Your predictions were perfect. I personally think with the help of astrology, we can reduce uncertain movements......which becomes hinder in our lives. You are the best astrologer...., your experience, knowledge, and kindness will definitely help people. So I personally recommend you because of your good judgment, mature outlook, ensure a logical and practical approach to her endeavors...

Reema Malhotra

Hi, I am using RaghauvAstrology's website from last year and very satisfied with her services and prompt response....


Your teaching Method in astrology and Vastu Shashtra is so simple and more n more informative. I'm so blessed to join your Vastu workshop. I still want to learn in this vast subject

Deven Sharma

Mohini ji is very good astrologer, very knowledgeable and talented, most of her predictions and remedies suggested are very helpful.


She is very sensible and soft heart person. One can trust her and believe me u will definitely get positive results and so in my case. Her remedies helped me a lot n predictions made by her are very accurate.


I consulted Astrologer Mohini Bhardwaj for some business problems . i found her readings very accurate and rite for me and also the upays told by her to me brings very gud result for me in my business and life. Now at this stage i really feel it was a god blessing for me that at that time i met her and consulted ...Thanks again Mohini ji....


Acharya mohini is quite learned astrologer ! She is quite patient and give logical and scientific explanations of the astrological problems .Also, her suggestions are very feasible to implement and very helpful ????

Charu Malhotra

A very sweet and kind woman, her predictions have always been accurate. She is always there to listen. She makes me believe in a lot of things. Rekha diwan A sweet and humble person, having good knowledge of Astrology, most of her predictions are true.

Konal diwan Waterloo, Ontario

There are no words to describe Mohini Mam. I have called her so many times and without any hesitation, she answers all my questions so patiently as the first time. She is great. She will hit the nail right and share the facts that you might be going through..at least she was very accurate in my case Thank you so much, mam, for being there while m struggling with life challenges. Keep your blessings on me always


Hi Namaskaram, My Name is Dr S Raaj I have taken Astrology consultation from Mohini Ji, it is very very much unique useful and satisfying, all information and suggestions are very very useful and well-proven,I always follow her and whenever I need any kind of astrology help I do consult her every time and follow her word by word. Thank you,

Dr S Raaj

Indeed an informative session. No doubt astrology is the greatest science to have an insight into native's past present and future... and thanks to you mam for providing this opportunity to us to learn it with such ease... great effort... thank you...

Preeti Sharma

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