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Rudraksha  Importance of Rudraksha

What is Rudraksha? Importance of Rudraksha

Rudraksha:- The word Rudra is the name of Lord Shiva and Aksha means tears.

According to the epics, the demon named Tripura was very powerful and evil. When the deities went to Lord Shiva for help, Shiva used the fierce fire weapon called Aghor to control the demon, which caused a lot of destruction. Seeing this destruction, tears came from Shivaji's eyes, so that wherever those tears fell, trees grew and fruits started coming out of them, due to which Lord Shiva's tears got their name Rudraksha. These grains of Rudraksha are the tears of Lord Shiva, which came out of his eyes after seeing the suffering of the people, due to which these Rudraksha are considered to be the favorite of Lord Shiva. This Rudraksha is a gift to mankind.

There are many vertical lines on these beads, and these Rudraksha beads have many faces or faces, each of which has its own significance. All have different effects depending on the different mouth. There are 38 varieties of Rudraksha and there are Rudrakshas up to 21 Mukhi. Click to talk to us!

Know the use and importance according to each face of Rudraksha!

One Mukhi: It represents Lord Shiva and Surya himself, symbolizing divinity consciousness and attainment of the Supreme Truth. Its shape is like a crescent and it is the most expensive and rare grain and its demand is also high. It enhances luxury, power, wealth, enlightenment, self-confidence, and spiritual enrichment. By wearing it, the person gets the company of Lord Shiva.

The person who wears it remains unaffected by worldly pleasures and attains mental concentration and peace.

Those who have headaches, asthma, TB, paralysis, mental anxiety, bone pain, eye problem, and heart disease must wear this.

It should be made in silver on Monday and worn on a silver chain with mantras (Om Namah Shivay, Om Hree Namah) around the neck. After wearing it, one should not go to any unholy place.

Two Mukhi: This Rudraksha is the symbol of the Ardhanarishwar of Shiva Parvati. It is the representation of Lord Vishnu and the moon depicting mystical powers. Wearing this removes all negativity like anger, frustration, and lack of concentration and controls the weak effects of Moon. By wearing this, harmonious relations are formed and family relations improve.

This Rudraksha carries within itself the entire energy of the universe. Its shape is round and it has two faces.

By wearing this, the person leads a pure and peaceful life and there is unity and peace in the family and married life.

Those whose mind is afflicted and who have diseases of the heart, impotence, lack of concentration, kidney failure, depression, hysteria, lung, brain, left eye, kidney, and intestine will also get relief from wearing this.

It should be worn on a Monday in a red thread around your neck with the chanting of mantras (Om Shiv Shakti Namah):

Three Mukhi – This Rudraksha is round and consists of three lines. This is the symbol of Trimurti Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh, due to which it contains the whole universe in itself. It is the form of Saraswati and the symbol of fire and Mars. Wearing three Mukhi Rudraksha increases self-confidence and helps in dealing with depression and difficult situations. It also increases physical strength and helps in the treatment of many diseases. It removes stress and misfortune and helps to satisfy the soul by correcting mistakes. It also strengthens the mind and increases spiritual power, memory, and knowledge. Click to ask any questions!

It is worn to ward off diseases such as depression, schizophrenia, blood defects, plague, psychosis, regulation of menstruation, fever, jaundice, mental retardation, smallpox, digestive problems, blood pressure, weakness, miscarriage, and ulcers.

This Rudraksha should be worn on a Tuesday in a red thread around your neck with mantras (Om Klein Namah).

Four Mukhi – This Rudraksha is the symbol of Brahma and Mercury. That's why it is also called Rupam and Chaturanga. This Rudraksha is round with four stripes, which represent the four aspects of Brahman, which include knowledge, meaning, action, destiny, and help in the eternal search for freedom. It is worn for improving languages such as stuttering or speaking power. It keeps the mind and body healthy and helps in increasing mental power, intelligence, knowledge, concentration, sexual power, and attraction towards the opposite sex. Wearing it promotes creative power and knowledge.

This Rudraksha is considered auspicious for meditation, logical thinking, positive thinking, creative intelligence, and regulation of intellect. It is very auspicious for scientists, researchers, artists, journalists, writers and intellectuals.

It is recommended to be worn by persons suffering from mental illness, blood circulation, asthma, stuttering, paralysis, blood circulation, and cough.

This Rudraksha should be worn on a Monday in the right hand or around the neck in a red thread along with mantras (Om Hreem Namah). 

Five Mukhi – This Rudraksha symbolizes Pancheshwar Shiva and Kaal Agni which is ruled by the planet Jupiter. It helps in increasing memory and by wearing it, the memory remains strong, due to which the mind also remains calm. It is the main among all the gems because this five Mukhi rudraksha has five 

Destroys the main sins like lust, anger, greed, attachment, and ego. This Rudraksha increases the level of concentration and knowledge. It helps in achieving success, knowledge, fame, and goals in many areas of life. In fact it helps in the attainment of happiness and infinite bliss in life. Wearing it gives maximum material benefits. It helps in balancing all the chakras of the human body.

Five Mukhi Rudraksha is auspicious for people suffering from heart, liver, kidney, foot, piles, heart problems, anger, thigh, ear, blood pressure, stress, diabetes, obesity, bone marrow, etc. It is also said that the one who wears it does not have the fear of untimely death. 

Three five-faced Rudraksha of gooseberry size should be tied in a red thread and worn with mantras (Om Hreem Namah) on Monday.

Six Mukhi – This Rudraksha is a symbol of Lord Shiva's son Kartikeya and Venus planet, wearing it increases the education, knowledge, and willpower of a person. It is said that it is a blessing of Goddess Parvati and is worn for progeny. This Rudraksha is worn for wealth, power, name, and fame. Wearing it gives a feeling of infinite bliss. It paves the way for business and brings success in professional and academics. By wearing this, the dreams of those who work hard come true. By wearing it, relationships are strengthened, and misunderstandings are also removed, which helps people with emotional trauma to recover. By wearing this harmonious relationships are formed. It gives freedom from worldly sorrows. One who wears four mukhi and six Mukhi rudraksha together, his mental power and facial stamina increase.

This Rudraksha is good for company managers, businessmen, journalists, and editors. This concentration, mental sharpness, and power. Helps in increasing self-confidence, self-esteem, and goodwill. By wearing this one gets success, physical strength, luxury, knowledge, wealth, a name, an attractive personality, prosperity, blissful family life, and a positive attitude toward life.

It is beneficial for those who have negative energy, epilepsy, gynecological diseases, problems with reproductive organs, urinary problems, or difficulty in getting children.

This three-grained Rudraksha should be worn on the right arm while chanting the mantras of Kartikeya in red thread. (Om Hreem Hum Namah)

Seven Mukhi - Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is the king of snakes, Shesh Nag, who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Anang Shiva, each of the seven faces represents a snake. It is also ruled by Goddess Mahalakshmi and Saturn. Rudraksha is very useful for the fulfillment of one's desires and for academic prosperity. Seven Mukhi Rudraksha helps in earning money and achieving prosperity and peace of mind. It is so auspicious that removes deadly diseases and death and blesses them with long life. Good economic benefits, health, fame, peace, freedom from diseases, and mental stress are very positive for the wearer. Traders must keep this in their temple or locker.

It is beneficial for physical weakness, colic pain, bone, muscle pain, paralysis, impotence, respiratory disease, and handicapped people.

This Rudraksha can be worn in red thread on Monday with chanting of mantra (Om Namah) or can be kept in a locker. 

Eight Mukhi – Eight Mukhi Rudraksha is a symbol of Ganesha and the planet Rahu. Wearing this Rudraksha reduces the difficulties and sorrows of life whether it is physical or mental. It is helpful in attaining Riddi-Siddhi and leading to salvation. This Rudraksha fulfills wealth and luxury. It drives away evil spirits and gets rid of diseases. It increases the strength of the mind, happiness, fame, confidence, and immunity. By wearing this, the mind and intellect are disciplined and concentration increases.

Wearing this removes the poison, mental tension, stomach pain, stress, skin diseases, anxiety, depression, weakness, and negativity.

It is enough to wear only one bead in red thread on Monday to get success. (Om Ganeshaya Namah)

Nine Mukhi - This nine-faced Rudraksha is a symbol of Goddess Nav Durga, Yama, and Ketu, which contains the power of nine deities. The worshipers of Shakti should wear this to increase their self-power and mental concentration. This Rudraksha helps in fulfilling self-confidence, happiness, health, character, wealth, property, material happiness, dreams, and ambitions. The wearer becomes energetic. Ketu planet is the cause of mental fatigue, poverty, helplessness, and inactivity of mind and body, due to which wearing it reduces the ill effects of Ketu.

It is the power and blessings of Nav Mukhi Maa Durga that energizes the mind and body and increases mental sharpness, alertness, physical strength and concentration, patience, anger control, and communication skills. The wearer gives respect, fearlessness, energy, fame, and inspiration in making life successful.

Wearing this gives relief from fever, unknown diseases, eye disorders, skin diseases, lung diseases, and pain in the intestines and body.

This one bead should be made in silver and worn in red thread with mantras on Monday. (Om Hreem Hum Namah)

Das Mukhi – Ten Mukhi Rudraksha is a symbol of Lord Vishnu who 

He is the guardian of the universe and symbolizes his ten incarnations and hands. This Rudraksha is capable of earning money. It is associated with strength and vitality. This Rudraksha is very powerful and helps to remove all kinds of fears. It helps to live the joys of life with joy, as well as protects from the bad influences of the surroundings and gives a secure feeling. Wearing this one gets rid of the bad effects of unfavorable planets, negative energies, misfortunes, sorrows, and worldly troubles. It gives fame and success in business. Wearing this brings a sense of security and keeps the mind healthy.

It should be worn for hormonal imbalance, mental instability, and whooping cough. 

It should be made in gold or silver and worn in red thread with mantras on Sunday. (Om Hreem Namah and Shri Narayanaya Namah and Shri Vishnuve Namah)

Eleven Mukhi – This eleven Mukhi Rudraksha incarnation represents the eleventh form of Rudra Lord Shiva and Hanuman. It is considered auspicious in religious rituals and is worn by saints. Wearing this removes all kinds of fears and insecurities. It is said to be the power of seven deities. It gives prosperous life and helps to lead a stress-free life. It is also useful for children.

The wearer of this Rudraksha leads a prosperous life and fulfills their desires. Wearing women's blesses with good luck. Wearing it destroys many sins and attains virtue. It helps in attaining salvation. It is also a symbol of Hanuman ji, from which wearing it gives education, virtue, confidence, courage, happiness, cleverness, fearlessness, healthy life, and knowledge. It is kept at the place of worship and jewelry, which brings wealth and prosperity.

Wearing this improves body pain, back pain, liver diseases, and neuropsychology. Wear it on the head for very quick relief.

Make this Rudraksha in gold or silver, touch the Shiva Linga and wear it in a red thread with mantras. (Om Hreem Hum Namah and Om Shree Rudraya Namah:)

Twelve Mukhi - Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha is the symbol of the Sun. They are extremely useful for attaining influential and powerful positions, which are combined with a charismatic personality. Its effect is similar to that of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha, it helps in realizing dreams and achieving goals. It protects from many dangers and evils. Wearing it increases attractiveness.

The wearer gets the quality, radiance of the Sun, and the confidence to move forward. It should be worn by ministers, administrators, businessmen, and officers. It gives wealth, authority, protection from accidents, fearlessness, happiness, and knowledge to the wearer.

It protects against gastric, rickets, mental retardation, anxiety, intestinal problems, food pipe, heart disease, lung diseases, and skin-related problems.

It should be worn in red thread in gold or silver with mantras. (Aim kraun: raum namah:) 

Thirteen Mukhi - Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha is a symbol of Indra, Cupid, and Venus. This Rudraksha is worn to get freedom from worldly pleasures. It is very rare and difficult to obtain. There is a lot of power in this Rudraksha which helps in attaining salvation. It is used to increase attractiveness which fascinates the person in front. It gives a healthy mind and body to enjoy the luxuries of life. It helps in attaining the eight siddhis. It gives qualities like love, affection, beauty, and attraction.

Researchers of medical science and people associated with chemical science should wear this Rudraksha. It bestows wealth, fame, fame, good fortune, honor, authority, attractiveness, high social status, financial status, and worldly desires. It is helpful for meditation, materiality, and spiritual attainment. It has the power to hypnotize, which strengthens the ability to woo others. Wearing it brings power to control fate.

It treats muscle diseases.

It should be worn in silver on Monday. (Om Hreem Namah)

Fourteen Mukhi – This Rudraksha is a symbol of Rudra and Shani, the eleventh form of Lord Shiva. This powerful Rudraksha is not easily available, it helps in coping with the obstacles of life and emerging victorious in all situations with one's own efforts. Helps in attaining positions of power and authority and developing the sixth sense and intuition with great effort and attention. This Rudraksha is a symbol of power and authority. No one can even understand its qualities because it is a very powerful Rudraksha. That is why it is called Dev Mani. The deities also wear it a lot. By wearing it, the negative effects of Shani are reduced and spirituality is attained. The wearer of it is able to tell the future events from his foreshadowing. Wearing this gives freedom from calamities, diseases, sorrows, and worries. It provides wealth, salvation, financial happiness, strength, and enthusiasm. If there is no child, then both the woman and the man should wear it.

It is made in gold or silver on Monday and is worn in red thread to the chest or on the right arm. (Om Shivaay Namah:)

Ganesh Rudraksha – This is a very effective Rudraksha which is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, from whom Lord Ganesha gets blessings. it is very sacred 

It is considered sacred. For this, great care is required. This Rudraksha has a natural trough like the trunk of Lord Ganesha. Wearing it reduces the obstacles in the way. There is perfection in every aspect of life.

Wearing it strengthens mentality and intelligence. Speech power and memory are strengthened. It is very helpful for the people associated with the field of education.

It should be made in silver or gold on Monday and worn in red thread with mantras. (Om ganaganapatyenamo nama, om ganeaya nama:

Garbh Gauri Rudraksha – Garbh Gauri Rudraksha is a symbol of Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha. Its small grain is the symbol of Ganesh ji and the big grain is the symbol of Mother. For those women who have problems with pregnancy or children, it is auspicious to wear it around the neck. It maintains the unity of the family and the relationship between mother and children.

It should also be worn on Monday by getting it made in silver or gold. (Om Garbh Gauriye Namah) 

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha – This is a very effective Rudraksha that is made up of two beads. It is a combined representation of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is said to be the reason for the expansion and development of the universe which also provides fertility. This moon is also a symbol of the planet. Which are very rare to find. These relationships improve married life and family life and bring happiness and harmony to life. It increases attraction and love for the opposite sex. There is a need to be very careful while wearing it or keeping it near. One who keeps it in the puja room gets all the benefits of barrier-free, happy, love in husband and wife and successful family life. Those who want to meditate in Lord Shiva, it also helps in meditation.

It is worn on Monday in a red thread clad in gold or silver. (Mantra:- Om Gaurishankarai Namah:)

Some information about Rudraksha Rudraksha – 

People of any religion can wear Rudraksha as Rudraksha has natural energy. Many people do not believe in this but it is a symbol of the very miraculous Shiva.
It should be worn from the age of 14 as children do not understand its importance.
While wearing it for the first time, it should be sanctified and worn by chanting mantras through prayer and rituals.
Always wear Rudraksha around the neck in red thread in silver and gold. Rarely worn as a bracelet.
Women should not wear it during menstruation, during meat liquor, and during sex. It should not be worn even during the funeral or the birth of a new child.
Rudraksha is worn to remove the weakness of the planets. It is worn to remove Vastu defects.
It can be kept at the workplace or temple.
It should be removed during bath and toilet otherwise it reduces its energy.
By wearing it, any kind of fear ends, only then do many sages and sages roam alone in the forests.
Come on! Know what are the magical fruits of One Mukhi Rudraksha.

Rudraksha is considered to be a part of Lord Shiva, due to this reason Rudraksha has great importance, as well as it has special importance in astrology. It is said for the origin of Rudraksha that it is a part of the drops emanating from the eyes of Mahadev, which fell on the earth while doing penance, where the Rudraksha originated. Today we are talking about One Mukhi Rudraksha, which is difficult to find. Wearing Rudraksha gives immense power to the person. The shape of one Mukhi Rudraksha is like a cashew and the shape of a crescent moon. There is only one line on the face of this Rudraksha. According to astrology, Sun is the lord of one Mukhi Rudraksha, so if the Sun is weak in the horoscope, then this Rudraksha should be worn, which leads to the attainment of a high position with prestige and self-confidence of the person. Due to the relation of the Sun planet with the heart, if there is any problem with the heart, then it also goes away by wearing one Mukhi Rudraksha. Apart from this, by wearing one Mukhi Rudraksha, headaches, mental diseases, bone weakness, and eye problems also end. If you want a government job or if any work related to your government is stalled, then you will get success. Wearing one Mukhi Rudraksha brings leadership ability and achieves high success in politics as well. Wearing this one also gets immense blessings from Goddess Lakshmi and brings prosperity along with wealth.

One Mukhi Rudraksha is worn around the neck with a red thread in silver and is worn on Sundays by chanting the mantras of the Sun and Lord Shiva.

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