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COVID-19- Corona Virus Disease 2019

China, which adds up to Number is 15/6. It is a number of materialities and good money that gives a lot of profit and promotion in trade. This is a number of materialistic things and goods. Whenever 15/6 Venus comes under the influence of Rahu, which is number 4, there is bound to be a storm or stir, Rahu's poison spreads instantly in the air and its effect of negativity spreads in all the directions. In the same way, the effect of China's Number 6 has impacted the current year which is Number 4.

The current Year 2020 adds up to 22/4 which is also number Rahu, Number 4 denotes Illusion, Delusion, Confusion, Poison, Loneliness, Negativity, and Immateriality. This number remains good, till the time it is careful about itself if someone attacks it then it is not able to take care of itself and it is destroyed. It is very dangerous if it does not foresee the approaching risk. Therefore, it should be very careful and especially beware of some kind of poison and toxins.

This 22/4 number is not good in terms of materiality and is too weak for the economic system. It’s the same reason that this year 2020, we are witnessing weakness in Stock Market, the Economic situation, the Finances, Business, and Money, which is now spreading only conflict and poison. This Number 4 multiplies very quickly under the influence of poison and spreads like fire.

In the Year 2002 which is again Number 4, was the reason for Virus Named SARS, which also originated in China and spread in 28 countries, infecting 8273 people and was responsible for the death of 775 people, due to which the World Economic System became very weak and people had to suffer a lot.

In the Year 2011 which again adds up to 4, the entire world faced recession due to a weak economic system & downgraded stock market, which again impacted the general public in some form or the other.

Since December this Covid19, which again adds up to 4 has been responsible for enormous deaths in the entire world. In India too it started in the year 2020, which adds up to 4 and denotes loneliness and poison which is detrimental to the economic situation. If we start mentioning Covid19 as Covid2019, it will add up to 33/6, which is the number of venues, which is good for Love, Peace, wealth & overall physical well-being. If we mention it by the name Corona Virus, which adds up to 43, this number belongs to Neptune/Ketu which is a virus in itself, has no end, and is at the forefront of spreading terror.

At present, our country is celebrating its 73rd Independence Year, which adds up to Number 1, Number 1 denotes Leadership, Freedom & the beginning of New Life. We shall be able to free ourselves from the slavery of this virus and shall win this fight.

India, which adds up to Number 12/3 denotes Jupiter, which is the biggest planet & it is responsible for Wealth, Knowledge, Conscience, Insight, Creative and Prosperity. Jupiter is also responsible for Cough which causes more damage to the people, and this Corona Virus also hinders breathing with the accumulation of cough in the human respiratory system, so we have to be very careful and should follow all the rules laid down by our Government to win this battle.

India shall be able to recover fast from the damages done by this Virus. This Number also provides everyone a new life, so if we all Unite with our conscience and restraint, we will be able to win the battle against this monster Virus, otherwise, we can witness a very devastating form of this virus.

Life-giver, Sun will also be high in the middle of April, as it enters into Mars zodiac sign Aries, both shall start fighting as King & Soldier with this Terror representing COVID 2019 and at the same time, planet yoga of the 4 planets shall be transiting in the house of Karma of Saturn in Capricorn sign which will be in the same constellations as Life-Giver Sun. Here also, if all the people unite, then only we will be able to defeat this virus with strong immunity.

Ketu's contribution is vital in spreading this virus, which is currently transiting in the constellation of the troubling planet Uranus/Ketu, which in turn is transiting in each other to form a triangle. From May 11, the Uranus will enter the constellation of Venus, making the virus changeable. From September 23, when Ketu will transit from Sagittarius to Scorpio, we all shall get much-needed relief from this Virus.

It is not entirely easy to get out of the clutches of 2020, it is bound to sting all & everyone will be affected by this poison. Therefore, without expecting anything positive from 2020, we all should patiently wait for the start of the new year 2021 which shall provide much-needed relief to everyone. 2021, which adds up to 5, it is the number of Mercury which shall bring the quickest & most transformations in the year 2021, journeys shall get smoother day by day, and means of communication will also improve. People will start making new inventions from their minds and handle their business in a better way & the economic situation will improve gradually. Going into this year, the common man will be able to ascend smoothly on the path of his life. The year 2022, which adds up to Number 6 of Venus shall drastically improve the economic situation of our country, which shall result in the smooth running of all business forms & provide much-needed relief to all the businessmen and materialistic life. All losses of the previous years shall be recovered this year and the economic situation will be boosted.

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