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Saturn The Real Judge

Saturn – The Real Judge of Our Karma

“Saturn” mostly referred to as the Bad or Evil Planet. People associate this planet with lots of myths but this is the planet that shows us the exact reality of life.

Let us get some interesting facts about this planet. The slowest planet of the zodiac which remains two and a half years approximately in a zodiac sign and takes 29½ years (approx.) span to complete its cycle in all 12 Zodiac Signs.

Being the slowest planet, it watches our deeds very closely and has very harsh effects on zodiac signs, so everyone should keep a close watch on their karmas as Saturn doesn’t spare anyone and is totally unbiased in its judgment.

As you sow, so shall you reap is the philosophy behind this planet. It urges everyone to do good deeds; it gives struggle and hurdles in life to teach us lessons and to make us understand what is necessarily good for our life.

It is Exalted in Libra and becomes most powerful at 20° on the other hand debilitated in Aries on the same degree. Capricorn and Aquarius are their own signs. Venus and Mercury are best friends of Saturn while Mars, Sun, and Moon are Enemies. Jupiter has a neutral relationship.

When Saturn transits from the 12th Sign from Natal Moon (Moon Sign) it is called “Saade Saati” (Period of 7 Years 6 Months) which ends when Saturn enters the 3rd sign from Natal Moon. Third, Sixth and Eleventh House are the best placements for Saturn.

During the period of Saade Saati, a person undergoes several tests taken by Saturn to make that person worthy of living a blissful life. The tests can be physical, mental, financial and any other depending on the deeds done by the person.

It is the main significator of Longevity, Job, sorrow, depth, archeology, old things, laborers, and low-class people. It will make you hard worker. People having strong Saturn in their natal chart are mentally very strong & never lose hope in any situation.

It works at a very slow but steady speed. It tests the person with some tricky challenges and if they perform well, their progress starts gradually. Whatever it gives, it never takes back and what you get is concrete i.e. no one can steal or take it from you.

It is a good teacher, a karmic healer, a judge, and a democrat. Only Saturn shows you the real essence of life. It teaches you how to lead a blissful life and the good deeds that we should perform to have a good life.

This is the only planet that shows the way to the utmost goal of life which is called Moksha. An aspected Saturn by Moon or Vice-Versa shall make the person inclined towards spirituality.

These are some general effects of Saturn in different houses in Birth Chart, however, for a comprehensive effect, total analysis of Horoscope is a must:-

Saturn in Ascendant:- The person is bound to be a philosopher if his Natal Chart has the Strong Saturn in Ascendant & placed very well in the houses. The person sees the world as a whole & never discriminates. He shows interest in History, Antiques & Archeology. The person shall be very handsome having good physique, tall & with whiteish complexion. The person may suffer mentally & may have other health issues if the same Saturn is weak in his chart, he shall face struggle throughout his life and no one likes that person.

Saturn in Second House:- The person enjoys good material comforts & have lots of money with a strong & powerful Saturn placed in second house, it gives much more auspicious results. The person has a long term & clear vision towards life & his thoughts are very deep regarding life. If the same Saturn is placed badly in the chart then the family of the person faces lots of discomforts in life with serious health complications and too much struggle. A person shall lead his entire life in poverty.

Saturn in Third House:-  The person having Saturn in his third house builds his entire life by himself, his own efforts make him break through the struggle which he faces in his life & fully takes care of the opponents. The person on the other hand faces unhappiness from his relatives & siblings, children of some person face huge struggles in their life.

Saturn in Fourth House:- Saturn placed in this house gives mostly negative results, the mother of the person faces lots of hardships & the person may have to live far away from his mother or his motherland. Person is not satisfied with what he has, he always feels mental anxiety and his mind always wander in search of peace. He shall face losses in his entire life & doesn’t get the comforts of home.

Saturn in Fifth House:- With Saturn placed in this house, person shall have issues in having their own child & it may get delayed. A person faces lots of struggle in love matters & he may start loving a person from the lower caste or a person older than him. Saturn also affects the study of children gives lots of complications in a person’s life.

Saturn in Sixth House:- Saturn in this house is very positive & the person excel in the field of medicine & science, he shall be very sound technically. Person gains huge success in politics, career blossoms very well & the person destroys their enemies efficiently. If Saturn is afflicted in the house than it shall cause lot of mental trauma with the long-lasting disease to the person and he shall feel very depressed.

Saturn in Seventh House:- Saturn here is very powerful and the person is blessed with a very mature & understanding spouse. Females shall have a very sensuous feeling here. The age difference between the couples shall be high and the spouse of the person shall be business-minded. In case Saturn is beneficial it shall be a stable marriage otherwise there will be lot of conflicts between the two, which shall create huge mental tensions within the couple.

Saturn in Eighth House:-  Here the Saturn is worst placed which provides the person with totally negative results. Person shall have a long life but entire life will be full of struggles with the chronic disease taking over his body. Person will be very depressed and shall lose wealth regularly during the course of his life. Here a better Saturn shall turn the person into spirituality with deep thinking as his attributes and person shall have a liking for occult sciences.

Saturn in Ninth House:- Saturn here is nicely placed which makes a person like spirituality and he becomes a good philosopher with a mind of coming out of any situation. In case Saturn is weakly placed here then the person would do wrong deeds in life, makes him very stubborn. He shall face lots of losses throughout the journey of life.

Saturn in Tenth House:- Saturn is in a very powerful state here which provides a successful career to the person. Person shall attain very high positions in life, may become a powerful politician with lots of people working as servants for him. In the same position with a weak Saturn, the results shall be totally opposite and person will have to work very hard to attain even small success and still, he will not meet his own expectations.

Saturn in Eleventh House:- Saturn is very comfortable here being in his own sign and give the best results to the person. Person shall have immense success in his own business or any profession he takes up. Person has a dominating personality and shall excel in his life. Here a weal Saturn shall provide financial losses to the person and he shall never have a stable financial life.

Saturn in Twelfth House:- Better places Saturn here is very strong which makes the person have number of properties at different places, even in foreign countries, person shall have an inclination towards spirituality. A malefic Saturn here shall have contrary results with person leading a life with poverty, mental trauma, financial losses & tremendous health issues.

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